Sunday, July 3, 2016

No More River Belle Breakfast

    Every year when we visit Disneyland we love to go to the River Belle Terrace for breakfast. We don't go every day but we do go once or twice. We love the food and the atmosphere. It is also a tradition.

     The food at River Belle is delicious. The atmosphere is just as great. Much of Disney is about the atmosphere, it is the "feel" of things Well, we will no longer get that River Belle feel.

     We decided to have our annual River breakfast the other day....we were so excited. We got there only to find that they moved the breakfast to Rancho del Zocalo. We were bummed but headed over there to eat our breakfast.

     The atmosphere at Rancho though is just not the same, The River Belle is a relaxing and quite place to eat. The music is low key and it is peaceful to be there. The atmosphere at  Rancho del Zocalo  is loud and not very peaceful. It is not a comfortable place to eat breakfast. We really missed our relaxing breakfast.

     They did have most of the same food though, they only no longer have the cinnamon roll and and french toast. I was able to get my favorite meal though. I get the Steamboat which has pancakes, sausage and eggs. They also now have some Mexican breakfasts which my aunts got and said were good. My food was delicious and I didn't notice a difference in the taste of the meal.

     We most likely won't have breakfast at Rancho again unless we go for lunch. We however sadly will never get to eat at River Belle for breakfast again. Change is rough sometimes...

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