Saturday, August 29, 2015

Toddler Plays "Drums" With Mad T Party Band and Nathan's Blooper

     I am sure by now everyone who follows me knows how much I love the Mad T Party Band. They are amazing and have really helped me through some depressed moments lately. Just watching the video I took and videos others have posted makes me smile. Sometimes I really need that pick me up.

    On July 7, 2015 when we stopped by to have our nightly dose of T we noticed this adorable little toddler just really getting into drumming with the band while they played. He had what looked like pencils and he was really watching the Cheshire Cat play. I imagine this little fellow's dad plays the drums or they spend a lot of time at the T Party. Either way I just had to record him playing.

     I noticed some of the band members where smiling at him and I am not sure what happened to Nathan in this video but he got tickled and could barely introduce the Catterpillar and was laughing and could not sing the first few lyrics of the song. It was funny and what makes live performances fun.

     I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed recording and sharing it.

     Toddler Plays Drums With Mad T Party Band

Monday, August 10, 2015

My Grandma's Last Disney Year: Disneyland's 50th Birthday

     I recently wrote about being at Disney's 50th birthday celebration and also the 60th. What I forgot to mention was that the 50th was also my grandmas last year with us at the parks. Grandma going to Disneland with us the last few years of her life was so special for all of us.

     Grandma had to use a wheelchair because of her arthritis but none of us minded pushing her along. My oldest son was only 10 at the time and he always wanted to push her. We joked about it because one time my mom let him and he ran her into things. It was funny really.

     We didn't usually sit and wait for the firewroks but that year we did. We waited in front of the castle for hours and well, it was worth it. The show was amazing.

     This year for the 60th we waited for a long time at the end of Main Street closest to Central Plaza. We didn't wait on the curb like the 50th but we did wait a long time. The show as just as spectacular and I am sure grandma would have loved it.

     Grandma left us before the Electriccal Parade left DCA so she didn't have to be sad for that loss. She would have loved the new Paint the Night Parade too.

     Our last year with my grandma at Disneyland was special just like any time we spent with her. Just like Disney's birthday, our time with her was golden. She sparkles like the diamond of the 60th in our hearts.

Mad T Party at DCA

     A couple of years ago I wrote an article about The Mad T Party at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA). My thoughts of the party were negative at the time. I did not like it because they served alcohol and I figured that the entire party was just a big drunken party.

     In 2014 however we learned once again that we should check everything out that Disney has to offer. If it is at Disney Resort, it is most likely good.

     It was by accident that we discovered the fun of the T Party and the amazing Mad T Party Band. We had just gotten off Tower of Terror and had to use the restroom. We went to the one by the T Party. When we came out there was dancing and other things going on. The music was fun so we decided to stop and watch. Then all of the sudden we heard a band playing and knew the songs. We went to check them out and well the rest for us is history.

     We still don't like that they allow alcohol but the people there do not get drunk and it is still a lot of fun.

     We fell in love with the Mad T Party Band. We made sure to go to every show we could. Then this year we looked forward to our daily dose of T.

     The shows run 6-6:30, then from then on the half hour until the last show at 9:30. Each night there are different people playing the parts of the Hatter, March Hare, Door Mouse, Alice, Cheshire Cat, caterpillar and the White Rabbit is DJ for the times the T Party Band is not playing.

     Of course we do have our favorite's and look for them to be on stage each time we watch the show.  In 2015 we tried to make it to most of the shows. We even gave up riding on attractions to see the T Party Band. That is how much we love it.

      It has been around 3 weeks since our last night of T and well, I must say I miss it terribly. We now follow many of the members in their other endeavors and truly enjoy all they do.

     So until next year when we get to have our daily T, the pictures and video from our visit will have to do. Here are some of the video's I took with my camera. Next year I am taking an actual video camera.

     All the Small Things 
     Everybody Talks

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ant-Man Preview at DCA

     I am late getting this blog out but hopefully I can reach a few people who have not had the chance to watch Ant-Man at DCA before it leaves on August 3, 2015.

     This year while on our Disney vacation we walked by one of our favorite attractions, It's Tough to Be a Bug only to find that it was gone, in its place was a premier of the movie Ant-Man. We were very upset. I mean why would Disney remove an attraction for a movie preview?  We thought, really Disney, who wants to pay all this money to see a movie preview? I took a picture and was going to write about how upset we were about this.

     One day while at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) I told my mom and aunt that we needed to see Ant-Man preview, I mean as a writer how can I write about something I haven't seen.  So we went to see the Ant-Man premier.

     I am so glad we went to see the premier because it was a lot of fun. They did not just have a movie premier, it was an attraction just like Tough to Be a Bug is an attraction. Disney used the effects of the room for the new attraction and well, we loved it a lot!  We loved it so much that we had my son go the next time and we looked forward to watching it again.

     This experience reminded us that we must try everying that is Disney because most of the time it is great and we will love it. I am so very glad we tried the Ant-Man premier and actually wish it would be there next year even though I love Tough to Be a Bug.

    If you have the chance in the next two days, go and see Ant-Man where Tough to Be a Bug lives before it retires.