Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free Stuff at Disney Resort in Anaheim: Past and Present

     Everyone loves free stuff. The things we get for free might not always be huge in cost but they mean a lot. Sometimes we don't realize how much we save on some things until we have to pay for them elsewhere. Disney Resort in Anaheim gives guests some extra free things and also necessary things other places charge a large amount for.


      Ice water is free at an location in Disney Resort where they serve fountain drinks. This is very important to me as a water drinker. Some locations in the resort area give the small courtesy cups unless you ask for a large cup of ice water. I have never been turned down when asking for a large cup of water. The cast member gladly gives it to me. Now to some this might not be a big deal but I have been places where you pay full price for water. Some places will give a Dixie cup full of water but then others offer nothing. The movie theater in my area does not give free water. They tell you that there is a drinking fountain nearby. I assume this is to sell their drinks or bottled water.

     Candy, yes yummy candy is free at Ghirdelli in Disney's California Adventure Park. As you enter the ice cream shop you get a free candy sample. For those, like me, who love Ghirdelli candy this is a great way to taste the new flavors and also a delicious treat anytime of the day. Sometimes (don't tell anyone) we go in more than once a day to get a piece of chocolate.

     Boudini gives away samples of sour dough bread. I don't like sour dough but many of my family does so we go in to get the bread from time to time as well. It is a good snack to tide you over until dinner time.

     On your birthday many sit down restaurants will give a free desert to the birthday guest. Cafe Orleans gives one of their Mickey Beignets.

     You can't eat or drink it but Disney Resort offers up some professional live entertainment. The new live musical performed at the Hyperion in Disney's California Adventure Park, Frozen is a Broadway quality experience.It is beautiful and breathtaking. This experience is covered under the admission of your park ticket. This type of experience can cost anywhere from $50 - $200 depending on the venue and your seat.

     Mickey's Magical Map in Fantasyland at Disneyland is another live experience that is covered under the admission to the parks. This show is professional quality too and would cost a lot to see elsewhere but at Disneyland it is free. This show is a must see, it is entertaining and fun.

     The World of Color is a magical water show. It is breathtaking and an experience I can't even describe.


     The Hyperion used to host the live musical Aladdin which was another broadway quality experience. While I do love Frozen just as much I missed Aladdin.

     Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) used to offer some of the best live entertainment I have ever experienced. In Disneyland at night you could watch Tomasina, the 80's All Star Band, The Bolts and many other live music entertainment. All a part of your park admission.
DCA presented The Mad T Party Band which was one of my families favorite hot spots. We made it a point to watch them every night, or almost every night.  Where else can you find live music of this quality without the bar scene? Yes Disney Resort. This type of entertainment would cost a lot to experience outside Disney. We missed our live music this year and hope Disney brings it back in the near future.

     Other edibles that the park had in the past were the tortilla samples at the Mission Tortilla Factory in DCA at the Warf district. You didn't just get a piece of a freshly made tortilla, you got a small one to try. On your birthday they gave you a package of tortillas. Now that's magical!

     That's about all I can think of that you get for free, I am sure there are more.
Yes you pay for tickets to enter the park but what you get in return if you manage the parks wisely is a magically fantastical experience.

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