Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Path of the Jedi at Disneyland is a Must See

     Disneyland has used the theater where Captain EO got its fame for many different things since Captain EO. It was used for the show Honey I Shrunk the Audience for many years.Then Captain EO returned, next it had a Guardian of the Galaxy preview and now the theater is host to Path of the Jedi. I loved Captain EO and Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Did not see Guardians premier but experienced Path several times this year.

     Path of the Jedi is a journey through the many different Jedi paths, yes it is exactly what you would think. You are taken from Luke's journey to Darth's, then Rae and on. Of course there are other highlights along the way because the path would not be complete without Han Solo, Yoda and the droids.

     This show lasts ten minutes and made us want to come home and have a Star Wars marathon, like we need a reason...

     I am not sure how long the Path will be at Disneyland but it is a must for all guests especially those who love Star Wars.

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  1. What path would ever be complete without Han Solo! So cool to know that the theater has been used in many different ways!

    Danielle | www.followmygut.com <3

    1. They have made great use of the theater. I do miss EO and Honey though.