Monday, February 20, 2017

Rude Behavior is a Photo Op

     Back in 2016 I wrote a blog about how rude behavior at California Adventure Park provided me with an awesome photo op. I do not knot why I did not write it in this blog but decided I would share the link in this blog.

     I get annoyed at the rude behavior of some guests at Disney Resort, one of those behaviors is putting kids on your head while viewing a parade or World of Color. This type of rude person seems to think their kids are great windows. Well NEWSFLASH they are not, you can't see through those kids placed on the shoulders of their parents.

    However during our 2015 Disney visit I found one of those rude times became an awesome photo op. It was not even intentional that I took the shot. I was shooting the show and did not notice the neat looking photo until later while viewing my shots.

     So not to repeat myself I will provide the link to my blog...the picture in this blog is the one I wrote about.

 Disney Rudeness makes for Interesting Shot