Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can't Wait to See Frozen

     I absolutely loved Aladdin when it played at the Hyperion at DCA and was sad to see it go but, hey it had a long run. It was time for it to step aside for something new. I was so thrilled to hear Frozen would enter the theater and can't wait to see it.

     I was able to see Aladdin the first year it played and will be lucky enough to see Frozen its first year too.

     I've been watching different video previews of Let it Go from the live production. The technology is amazing. Leave it to Disney to make it bigger than life!  I can't wait to experience it in person. Even this video gives me chills. I can imagine how it will be when I am actually there.

               The lines will be long, but the wait will be worth it. I hope that they let you video tape it because I plan to do so.  So for those who have no seen the Youtube video, enjoy.

Let it Go Frozen Live at the Hyperion

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Planning our Meals is a Part of the Magic

     Even before we leave on our Disney vacation to our magical home we start planning our meals. Yes that is right, we start planning what we will eat and new things to try and about what we ate last year and what we will miss long before we leave town.

     We usually head to Downtown Disney and eat a Wetzle Dog our first evening in Anaheim but this year we can go to the parks so we plan to go eat either a Smokejumper burger or my mom thinks spaghetti and Pizza Port sounds great. Oh what a tough decision. But what will actually happen is we will enter the main gate, then as we get closer to the parks we will decide which one we plan to enter first...and yes we will go where our tummies want us to go. Once we enter the park we will decide what sounds good when we get in. Of course we will check out the attractions to see what the wait times are and possibly wait to ride. We always just take things as they happen. That is the magic of the adventure.

     Of course though in our planning we do talk about the things we plan to eat while there.We will visit Pizza Port for pasta, pizza and other yummy food. Another visit is Smoke Jumper Grill for their delicious burgers with condiments galore. Flo's V8 for their healthy and yummy food. To get the taste of Blue Bayou without the high prices we will go to Cafe Orleans for Gumbo and Monte Cristo. The gumbo is the same and it is some of our favorite food. We will eat there more than once. Then there's Award Weiner for a dog and chips. Plaza Inn for character breakfast. We also talk about our meal at River Belle Terrace, breakfast there too. Fish and chips or chicken strips at Stage Door and the baked potato at Harbor Gallery. We will go to Wetzles for our dog at some point and then there are the off property places like Pizza Press. We will eat there several times since we stay at The Carousel.

     There are also the snacks we talk about eating. We love the Churro, will get a Ghirdelli sundae many times, Dole Whip is a favorite once a day treat and the ice cream in Radiator Springs is a must too. Oh and yes who can forget a funnel cake at Stage Door.

     There are new places and foods we plan to try too. One is the churro funnel cake and Hungry Bear. There are many more foods we plan to try. Yes we talk about the food like that is all we do is eat but really it is not. We usually eat one big meal and small or shared meal the rest of the day. Yes we have either a Dole Whip or Ghirdelli Sundae each day, sometimes both but if we have both we don't eat dinner.

     We will miss the Big Thunder Barbecue and hope to find another place that has BBQ. I am sure there are other places we will encounter and there are some I have missed but remembering and planning is a part of the fun even if we don't plan to stick to our plans.

     It is a lot of fun planning our meals. Of course we have no idea when we will eat what. To us though  a part of the magic is talking about our trip and what we will do when we get there. Soon, we will be soar, scream, drop, splash and laugh.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Only Disney Fanatics/Dis-nerds Will Understand

      Only those who are completely and totally Disney Fanatics or Dis nerds will understand this post. Only they will truly get it. Those to who Disneyland/DCA is as much a part of their life as well, eating or breathing...those who look forward to that next Disney vacation before the current one is over. Those who call Disney Resort their home.

     We made our reservations in early January and we began planning and talking about our vacation the day we left Anaheim the year before. 

     I mark on the calendar two months out and well, we are at that mark. We are so excited for our trip and it is only 38 days until we leave. WOW 38 days! That is so close. Our list of what we need to bring is written out, our reservation at The Plaza Inn for the character breakfast has been made and now we wait for the day to come when we get in the car and leave.

     We find the anticipation of our upcoming trip home almost, I say almost, as exciting as being there. The talk is about what we will do when we arrive, what we have done in the past and well planning out our trip. Of course, we never really plan our days in the parks or our time at the resort, we let things unfold as the magic carries us away. But it is fun to plan. It is fun to talk about how we will go to DCA our first day or how we will head to Fantasyland first on our second day. Knowing full well that we won't know what we are going to do until we do it.

     I search through Facebook for anything on what is happening in the parks all year long but even more diligently now that it is closer to our trip. I love to read about other guests magical experiences and feel sadness for those who do not feel the magic. I mean it is magical and wonderful just standing in line waiting to get on a ride. It is magical just entering the gates. Heck for us it is magical strolling down Harbor Boulevard on our block out day checking out the little shops along the way. 

     I plan to blog about our days while I am there, to share the spherical places we visit and the things we do.  I want to do this because I enjoy reading about it when I am not there, I feel the magic through others magical visits. So I hope to make others feel the magic when they can't be there to experience it on their own. I am sure I won't blog each night but will sure try to. If I even share a picture here it will be fun. 

     Only 38 more days!!! Yes I have Disney on my mind, all of the time!