Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fantastically Fantasmic Funnel Cakes by Disney

     I love funnel cakes, every year when I go to Disneyland I make it a point to get at least one or two. This year was no different, I did get two but they were different and they were both absolutely delicious. They were heavenly to be exact.  Both can be found at Hungry Bear in Critter Country at Disneyland in Anaheim. My family and I bought one of each and shared them because they are so big. We enjoyed every bite and were stuffed when we were done.

     Several months ago I heard about the new churro funnel cake. I love churros and I love funnel cakes so I knew this would  be great. I could not wait until our vacation to try one. This one was my aunts favorite. I liked both of the new cakes equally, however found the churro funnel cake to be less filling. Probably because the peaches in the other one are one more ingredient to fill you up.

     The other is a peach cobbler funnel cake. I love peach cobbler and of course funnel cake so I knew this one would also be good. The peaches and cobbler are delectable.The cobbler is not too sweet and adds a delicious taste to the funnel cake. My mom and other aunt liked this one  best but again I liked them both a lot.

     Both funnel cakes cost only $7.49 and are well worth the price! They are larger than they appear in the pictures so go with a huge appetite or share like we did. Even then be ready to be filled up.

     Once again Disney out did themselves. They came up with yet another desert we will look forward to eating every year.

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  1. Sounds absolutely delish and my mouth was watering reading your post!

    1. They are amazing! I would have eaten more of them but there's so much good food in the parks, you just can't seem to eat it all more than once.