Friday, August 5, 2016

Where to Stay When In California?

     Since our hotel is closing in October we are left with the delima of where to stay next summer. We had a great deal going on at the Carousel. We had stayed for so many yeas that they gave us a special rate. We also stay for weeks so that helped too.

    We have checked out places along Harbor but WOW they are a lot more expensive. However now we will have to pick one. We are leaning towards the Camelot Inn which is next to Carousel Inn.

    What we look for in a place to stay is first of all, comfortable beds. The beds at The Carousel were that. We want a microwave, fridge and room safe. The Carousel had those too. We also want free internet and parking. The Carousel had neither. I don't think most of the hotels have free parking but it would be nice.

     So soon I am going to start searching and hope we find a good deal.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goodbye Carousel Inn and Suites

     We have stayed at The Carousel each year since 2004. It is our home when we are in California and I am sad to see it go. I am also sad because of the many people who will lose their jobs when it closes. I heard last summer that   

     I heard in July that The Carousel Inn in Anaheim will be closing to make room for a new walkway, then yesterday Disney announced that it is true. The Carousel will close in October of 2016.

     Whenever friends or family went to Disneyland I would get them a reservation at "our" hotel. It is across the street from Disney Resorts main gate and since we stayed there every year we received a counted rate.  The staff at the Carousel are amazing. For years we knew most of them and felt like they were our California family. We have also made some good friends there. It will be so sad to lose that, we have been there for over ten years and so we have history there. It will take  a while to build history again.

     It is sad many people will lose their jobs too. Some of them have been there for years and well I imagine they are sad too. Some will find jobs right away but it will take a while for others. Sure they can draw unemployment but that is usually not enough to live on.

     The building is beautiful, especially the front where the tower is located. It stands out as you walk along Harbor. It will be sad to see a walkway in its place. I am sure Disney will build a beautiful walkway but still it is sad.

     Mostly I am sad because I feel like we are losing a home. Oh sure things were not always perfect there, that is true. But it was comfortable and familiar.We walked into the lobby and were home. Yes we will find another place to stay but it will take a while for it to feel like home. We also might not be able to find a place as close to the main gate for the price we paid at The Carousel.

    They say all good things come to an end and well, that is so very true. Our time at The Carousel has ended, we will no longer get to stay there. So goodbye to our home in California.

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