Monday, July 25, 2016

Dangerous and Rude Drivers Inside Disney Resort

     I love Disney Resort in Anaheim, most of what I say about the resort is good but sometimes things at the park are not so good, most are brought on  by guests but these are things Disney allows. One incident happened during our July 2016 vacation. My aunt was run down by someone in a motorized wheelchair, actually it was one of the motorized carts but same idea. We saw several cast members almost plowed down by a man on a cart as well. Some people need the carts but we have noticed many times people have them and share riding time. Whatever the reason these carts pose a danger to other guests when the driver is inexperienced or just plain rude.

     The lady who ran my aunt down was just learning to drive the motorized cart. Yes at Disneyland where there are hundreds of people in her path. She actually ran into my aunts leg and luckily my aunt did not hit the ground but it hurt her badly. She has issues with that leg anyhow. If she had hit the ground it would have been even worse because the woman was not going slow. The woman just kept on going like nothing happened but the lady with her stopped to apologize. She said the woman was just learning to drive it and she hoped my aunt was ok. My aunt could barely speak at the time because of the pain so we told her that the parks are not a good place to learn to drive one and yes it did hurt, it hurt my aunt a lot. There was a huge knot in her calf where the cart had hit it.

     The next night while we were waiting to watch Paint the Night we saw someone on a motorized cart zoom behind cast member carts. The cast members had to jump out of the way to avoid being plowed down. The man on the cart was honking the horn as he drove by. At that moment the cast members should have made that man leave the park.

     We have experienced many rude people on motorized carts or wheel chairs. They honk for you to get out of their way thinking because they are on the cart they have the right of way. They don't think they should have to wait in a line of people walking down the street, they should move ahead. They will plow you down if you do not move. I have almost been hit by them  many times.

     Something needs to be done about this. Either Disney needs to stop allowing motorized carts and make people get a push wheel chair or they need to make sure the people using one know the rules and enforce them throughout the day too. They need to make sure the people using them really need them too and are not just getting one so they don't have to carry their stuff around the park. Those who really need them know how to use them and are polite, most of them are anyhow. It's the people who are new to them or who just get them because they either don't want to walk or they need somewhere to haul their stuff or, they want to get on the rides faster.

     My grandma was elderly and could not walk all day when she went to the parks. She tried a motorized chair once and was dangerous so we got her a wheel chair and pushed her. It was fine, we loved her and no one minded at all.

     I am not sure how Disney could handle this but I do know someday someone is going to be seriously injured by a person  just learning to drive or someone who is simply rude. There are elderly people in the park who could break a hip if knocked down. Small kids could die if hit and run over by one. My aunt could have been seriously injured if she had fallen down. Disney would be liable for allowing them in the parks. So hopefully they will stop and think about that, find a way to solve the problem of the dangers of inexperienced or rude drivers.



  1. Wow. I cannot believe that there isn't a way to teach these people how to use those motorized scooters in an area away from others, and only letting them out once staff is convinced that they know how to use them correctly. Thanks for pointing this out. I won't go there.

    1. Disneyland is worth the trip, you just have to watch out for these dangerous people. I agree, Disney needs to find a way to train them or better yet, just allow push chairs. It won't hurt family members to push their loved ones. If a person is coming alone then they need to prove they are a safe driver.