Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No Selfie Sticks Allowed at Disney Resort: Some Just Don't Seem to Get it!

     Last year was the first time I actually had ever really heard much of selfi-sticks. I guess I live in this guarded little world where I did not realize people were so full of themselves they had to purchase a stick to make it easier to take a picture of themselves. I did not realize that were lived in such a conceited society. I learned over the last couple of years that many are obsessed with themselves to the point they purchase this extension so they can take a picture of themselves in pretty much every activity or moment of their lives.

No More Sticks!
     These sticks had become such an annoyance that public places started banning them. First I heard of the ban was at Disney Resort in Anaheim. I heard these things were causing rides to shut down and also people got smacked with them. I saw how rudely distracting they can be when someone had one out in a video of  a Mad T Party performance. This prompted my hatred of the Selfie Stick.

     Last year while in line at one of the rides in Disneyland I noticed a woman with her stick. Well, I did not want the ride shut down because she had to take pictures of herself and also they are not supposed to be in the park. So I let the cast member know and the woman was escorted to the front of the park to get rid of the stick because she did not want to turn it over to the cast member. She thought she should be the exception to the rule.

     Disney has notices everywhere stating that the sticks are not allowed in the parks. It is posted before you enter the check point but some people seem to think rules to not apply to them and find a way to sneak them in. I am not sure how they do it since security is so high but sometimes they get missed.

     Safety measures at Disneyland are high, they are all about safety and so the attractions are extremely sensitive to anything that might be unsafe. People take these stupid sticks in, extend them and the sensors on the ride think someone is trying to get out so the ride shuts down. Depending on the ride and issue it can be down for hours.  This means maintenance has to work on the issue and it also ruins the experience for the guests on the attraction and prevents others from enjoying it too. I think people who do that should be banned from the park for good.

     Still with all of the notices some people still don't get it, they somehow sneak them in. Well, I am not going to allow it and I report them. I reported one just this past June when it was being used right in front of the DL Railroad area. The man was escorted out of the park most likely to get rid of the thing.

     When we were at check point one person had a stick and the security guard told him he had three options, one was to take it to his room, the other was to take it to his car and the last was to never see it again. I am not sure what the man decided but was glad those were the options. The man did ask if he could leave it at the safety check area but they told him they can't keep stuff for people. I mean really, come on folks those folks are not there to babysit the crap you are not supposed to bring with you anyhow.

     The entire selfie stick thing has really disgusted me actually. People are rude with them and they do hit others with them. I am glad Disney no longer allows them in the parks even though I didn't know they existed until I heard of the ban. I wonder what it will take for people to finally get it.

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  1. I'm glad to see that Disney continues to put safety first. I've never understood the point in selfie sticks and don't see many people with them. The only time I can consider one is if I'm doing a vlog on the go, but I wouldn't take one to Disney for fun!

  2. I was shocked at the number of them I saw in video's before they banned them and also the amount I saw at Knotts Berry Farm. I guess they are not banned there. if they are no on enforces it.

  3. It would never occur to me to take a selfie stick (if I owned one) to Disney ...

    1. Me either. I never even knew they existed until I heard they were banned..