Monday, July 18, 2016

Soarin Over the World: Breathtakingly Beautiful

     I was very sad to hear that Soarin Over California would be changing to Soarin Over the World. I had hoped they would keep the original in one theater and put the new in the other. I was very pleased though at the new experience. Soarin Over the World is absolutely beautiful. Disney did an amazing job.

     They kept the introduction with Patrick  which is good. It is familiar and I love familiar..The entrance queue is still the same too.

     If you don't want any spoilers then do not continue to read. I can't really give a lot away but yet some might not like any information.

     The new attraction has great smells just like the old however nope, no more orange grove. I was sad but they now have flowers when you fly over the Taj Mahal. While in Africa you smell fresh grass and on the island of Fiji you smell sea water. It is beautiful.

     Now I want to travel the world however most likely Soarin is the only way I will visit most parts of the world.

     I have been to one area in the show though, Monument Valley. I was a bit disappointed they used that area for the attraction but, I guess to some people it is fascinating. I see that kind of thing every day so to me it is just the norm.

     We asked for the first row each time, sometimes we did not have to ask. That is just where we like to sit best.  We did find a flaw in the experience though which wasn't something that would prevent us from riding but is something that hopefully they can fix.

     If you sit on the right side of the seats all of the buildings in the movie lean to the left, when you sit on the left they lean to the right. They lean more as you sit toward the end of the attraction. It is not enough to prevent us from enjoying our flight though. We flew several times and just enjoyed the different perspectives.It did make us chuckle when the Eiffel Tower became the Leaning Tower.

     The new Soarin is an experience in flight that is beautiful, amazing and well, magical. I do miss the old Soarin but welcome this one with open arms, or rather...wings.

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  1. It sounds like a pleasant experience.

  2. I've never been there, sounds exciting.

    1. It is the only way I'll get to go to most of those places. It is amazing.