Saturday, February 28, 2015

First Disney Day 2014

This blog is the most fun one that I write because it is about the place I love most of all....Disneyland or rather Disney Resort. When I say Disneyland I mean the resort in Anaheim. It is just easier to say Disneyland.

We started our day at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA). We arrived at 9:35 AM which is early for us.  Our first ride was Soarin Over California where we only had a 20 minute wait. That is not bad at all for Soarin.

We headed over to Tower of Terror where we pretty much walked right on. Tower is one of our favorite rides,well all of them are our favorites.

We headed to Monsters Inc and again had no wait so we just walked right on. Rode Heimlich and then headed over to Cars Land.  Radiator Springs Racers was only a 10 minute wait in the single rider line.  We were also able to get a fast pass for Racers when we walked by the distribution area. It was the first time ever that we've actually been by there and fast passes were left for the day. So for the first time we were all able to ride Racin together. It was fun but in all honesty it is just as fun riding single rider. Sometimes we get in with at least one of our party and even if we don't, we get to race against each other.

We rode some more rides in DCA, ate at Flo's V8 and then headed to Toy Story Mania, Ariel and then an ice cream at Ghirdelli's which was a daily tradition for us this year.  We watched Turtle Talk, Muppet Vision, Tough to Be a Bug,  two of us rode California Scremin and then to Tower of Terror agian since it was only a 13 minute wait which is the standard wait time, we waited 10 minutes.  Used our Racer Fast pass, rode Luigi's Tires and then Soarin where the wait was only 15 minutes. All of these things in one day!

At 8:30 PM we headed to Disneyland where we ate at Stage Door Cafe, watched the fireworks and then rode Its a Small World with no wait. The rest of the park was crowded to we headed back to the room at 10:30. We wanted a good nights rest so we could get an early start at Disneyland the next day.

Our first day was a complete blast. The wait times were not bad at all for any attractions. We were able to do all that we wanted to and more at DCA and got to visit Disneyland for a bit that day.

We chilled in the room, talked about our day and were actually all sleeping fairly early. Midnight for us is early.

Friday, February 27, 2015

My Facebook Page

I have created a Facebook group for those who love Disneyland as much as I do. It is a place for Disney lovers to share pictures, blogs, adventures and well, magic.

Disney Resort is a place that gets in your blood. It is not just a place to go on vacation for my family. It is home, it is where we go to feel magic, to reach our inner child and to just feel the magic. We don't even feel like we have to be on rides all of the time to feel the magic. Simply being there is magical enough for us.

That is all information for my blog as I create. this post is about my new Facebook page.

I hope to add more pictures to the page soon and I hope that others will share their pictures. For me anything Disney is fun and interesting. I would love to walk through the park with others who feel the magic like we do.

Disney Lovers Meeting Place

Monday, February 23, 2015

Where We Stay: The Carousel Inn and Suites

     Every year since 2004 we have stayed at The Carousel Inn and Suites.  It is an amazing place to stay. The first year we stayed there they made us feel like we were home. So we decided to stay there every year after.

     The Carousel Inn is right across the street from Disney’s main gate. You literally leave your room, go just a few steps,cross the street and you have entered the Resort area. The Hotel itself has a Disney Resort feel too. Tinkerbell has sprinkled her magic at The Carousel.
     I am sure that many of the Hotels across the street from the resort are nice too but the people who work at The Carousel make it special. They always greet you like you are family and they are happy to see you. They also go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and accommodate your needs. 

     The rooms are extremely comfortable and clean. Sometimes the housekeeping staff might forget to leave towels but all you have to do is call the front desk and they will get someone to bring you towels right away.

     They used to have a continental breakfast on the fifth floor. We loved their breakfast and do miss that. But we just buy food for our room and do just fine.

     In the summer of 2013 summer they started something new, breakfast at Pizza Press. It was delicious. Pizza Press did a great job. Pizza Press is the restaurant at The Carousel Inn. They have great food but that is another post itself. They did not offer the breakfast in 2014 which was a bummer but we survived and had just as much fun.

     The roof top pool is a great place to kick back and relax when it is too hot at the parks or if you are an annual pass-holder and have black out days. We don't spend a lot of time at the pool because there's just too much to do but there have been a few times when we've decided to go swimming.

    They offer internet in the lobby area of The Carousel if you need to go online. You can also purchase the internet in your room but it is a little bit costly. We usually only purchase it when we absolutely have to.  I mean, we are at Disneyland so who has time to be online and really who wants to spend a lot of time on the computer?

     The Carousel Inn feels like home while we are there, we never want to leave. It is our other home once a year. Actually it feels more like home that home. We have thought about trying out other places in the area but it would just not be the same.

Our First Day in Anaheim

     Today is a snow day where I live so I decided it would be great to write about Disneyland. Hmm where did I leave off? Oh yes, we were in Kingman and the next day heading to Anaheim.

     We got up the next morning, July 11, 2014 at 7:00 AM, ate breakfast at The Days Inn and then after going to Kmart to return some pants Kyle bought, headed off to Anaheim. The weather in Kingman was still very comfortable. Our trip to Anaheim was nice, no mishaps at all. When we stopped at a rest stop outside of Needles it was hot but still not unbearable like usual. I even stood in the sun and tanned a bit while everyone went to the restroom.

     We arrived in Anaheim, make our usual stop at Wal Mart to get food for the trip. Stopping at Wal Mart first is a tradition and wonderful part of our trip. I know, it isn't that big of a deal to stop at Wal Mart but for us it is.  The stop is our first time of the year smelling the wonderful California air. There is just this special feeling when we get out of the van for the first time in Anaheim. We stand there and smell the air, take in the sites and just get that wonderful feeling of being there.

     Next we went to our hotel. We stay at The Carousel Inn every year. We have a Club room and this year they put the ice machine right outside our door just for us. Ha ha not really but I joked with the friend we have made there about it. It is nice having it right there because at night when you are tired just that walk down stairs is a long way. For many years we had to go to the 2nd floor for ice, then it was just down the stairs across from our room. Now right by our room. Life is looking up.

     Oh the friend we have made in Anaheim is one of the Carousel Inn employees. He is very nice. Actually we have made friends with many of the people there. They treat us like family every year and we feel so at home there. It is so strange because it feels more like home the entire time we are there than Colorado feels the rest of the year.

     We unpacked the van, put our stuff away and then headed to Downtown Disney where we shopped some and got our Wetzle Pretxel. It is tradition to do this and well, we really enjoy this part of our trip We are getting ready for the big days ahead. Just writing about it takes me back to such a fun time.