Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baked Potato Blues

     Last year my mom and aunt found a Baked Potato at Disneyland they absolutely loved. They bought it at Harbor Galley. It had barbecue meat and Cole slaw on it. The thought it was totally the bomb. Well, this year their mouths were watering for this yummy find they found last year.

     So, last night we decided to eat this delicious potato. We were at DCA but left to go eat at Disneyland. When we got to the Galley we found that they no longer serve this potato. The cast member said that Troubadour Tavern used to have the potato but they closed and they had it for  while, then this year it went back to the Tavern. This was at 8 :00 PM and the Tavern closed at 6:30 so we decided to get a potato the next day.

     The next day arrived and so we left DCA again to go over and eat the baked potato. I was not that thrilled about a baked potato but do love barbecue meat so decided that it might be good.  We went to the Troubadour Tavern and found they no longer have the barbecue and cold slaw baked potato. My mom and aunts were bummed, they had looked forward to that all year. I was bummed because I don't like any of the food they have at that place. They have bratwurst and then the potato that just has sour cream and bacon bits. Or you can get one with broccoli and cheese. A far cry from the amazing potato of last year. We were all disappointed.

     So, if you loved the baked potato at the Harbor Galley, don't bother going because it is no more and we had the Baked Potato Blues.

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