Monday, February 15, 2016

Save Our Mad T Party: Let Disney Know We Do Not Want them Taking Away Our T

      Tonight I heard something that made me upset and well, rather angry. I read that Disney Resort in Anaheim is getting rid of The Mad T Party Band.  They are saying the last show is March 30, 2016. 

     The T Party is such a wonderful band and well, a new tradition for many Disney fans. I for one am not ready for it to leave. Yes there are attractions that run their course but this is not one of them. 

     Disney took it away in 2014 only to bring it back and then they took it from us during the week for the winter only having shows on the weekends. Now they are taking it away again for good. Well fans we cannot let this happen!  We do have a voice and hopefully Disney will listen and we WILL be heard. 

     I do not know if there is a petition to keep the T Party Band, if there is I would love to know where it is so I can sign. I do know that we can send our concerns and complaints to Disney Resort. I called tonight and a cast member told me how it is done. She also said that the more voices speak out, the better.

    So fans, if you want to keep your T speak up, let Disney know that you love your T and do not want it to leave.

     Here is how to let your voice be heard: go to

  •     click on help
  •      contact us
  •      e-mail
  •      fill out the form and voice your concern.    
     I hope if you really love the Mad T Party you make sure you are heard! I know I will!!!!!!!

Disneyland Resort Attractions from the Past

     As I was looking through Facebook this morning I found a blog about the attractions missed at Disney World so decided since I am a Disneyland Fanatic I would write one about the attractions we miss at Disneyland. I will include Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) too since it is a part of the Disneyland Resort. Some of these attractions I remember as a kid, some as an adult. All of them though hold a special place in my heart and I really wish they would somehow bring them back. They are not in any particular order, I loved and miss them all!

     1. Country Bear Jamboree - The jamboree was so much fun. The bears were funny and well Disney. We looked forward to watching the show on our visits to Disneyland. Sadly we were not able to visit the park yearly back when they still had the Jamboree so we did not get to experience it as often as many of the other attractions that have left the park.

     2. Golden Dreams - This was one of our favorite places to relax and cool off on a hot summer day while learning the history of California. This attraction was not only entertaining but also educational. I learned so much about California while watching this movie. Whoopie added an extra special flair to the show and made it comical as well as entertaining. We do love Ariel's attraction too but miss this one terribly.;

     3. Adventures through Inner space - Wow this one takes me back to my childhood. I remember being so excited to shrink and see what it would be like to be smaller than an atom. It was fun becoming smaller than a snowflake.

     4. The People Mover - took you on a ride around the park. It has been so long since the ride was opened that I can't recall if it went around the entire park or just around Tomorroland. I just remember that it was a slower moving ride above the park and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. You can still see old tracks in Tomorrowland. and Fantasyland.

     5. America the Beautiful - is an attraction that I absolutely loved. I can't remember much about it except you stood while watching the movie, held on to rails and it felt like you were traveling the world while listening to some fun music.

     6.   Mr. Lincoln - This was such a fun attraction. It is not the same as the attraction Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln that is there now. I cannot remember the name of the show we saw in 2004 but it was the first and only time we saw it.. When they brought back Lincoln a few years ago we thought this was the Lincoln we loved that  they were bringing back and were disappointed it was not. This attraction took you to the Civil War through the eyes of a soldier. It was interactive too, it felt like they were cutting your hair and like flies were buzzing around your head. The story was touching and beautiful.

     7. Billy Hill and the Hillbillies -  Once we discovered the Billy's in 2004 they became a tradition for us. We made it a point to see the show several times during out yearly visit to the park. Every show was entertaining. The performers made you a part of the show and we laughed every time we watched. The show was the best when it was in the Golden Horseshoe. Then they moved it to Big Thunder Ranch, the first year it was good there, but the next year the show was shorter. The year after that it was even shorter and characters from Toy Story were a part of the show which just did not fit. That was the last year we saw it because, it left. I wish they would bring it back to the Shoe.

     8. Muppet Vision 3D - We visited this attraction several times each year. It was funny and cute. The Muppet's made you laugh and the 3D made you a part of the show.

     9. Aladdin the Musical - I know that it ran for many years and I am glad to see something new however I absolutely loved this musical so am still sad to see it gone. The acting was amazing, the singing beautiful, the set was immaculate and the impromptu comedy added that special flair to this wonderful show. This is the first year we will visit the park without Aladdin.

     10. Sky Ride - What a wonderful way to view the park from up high. This attraction went from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland. You rode above the park and were able to see everything form a birds eye view. I loved it.

     11. Big Thunder Barbecue - I know it is not an attraction but we will miss the food very much. The atmosphere was nice but not why we went to the barbecue. We went for the food and will miss it very much. I hope that they bring back the eat all you want barbecue once Star Wars is complete.

     12. Tomorrowland Terrace - This will be the first year we will not experience the spectacular music and performances that rise up from below in  Tomorrowland. I remember the terrace from when I visited the park as a teenager. I then introduced my sons to the Terrace and will miss it a lot. I hope once things are complete with Star Wars Land they bring the terrace back.

     So those are the attractions that come to mind when I think of those that have left Disney Resort. I do love the new attractions that have taken their place but these yesteryear attractions still hold a special place in my heart.