Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rude Guests at Disney Resort" You are Not the Only Guest Who Wants to View

     People are just so rude, I really wish there was a way for Disney Resort to get a handle on the rudeness. I am not sure how they can since they tell people the rules and people do not follow them. They don't care that they take away from other's enjoyment. Some people think they are the only ones there and the only ones who want to view shows and attractions.

     For example, before Frozen they ask people to be considerate of others and avoid any back lighting
of cameras and phones and not to use a flash. This not only distracts from other guests enjoyment but can be distracting for the actors and sometimes dangerous. While watching the play we observed several people in the Orchestra section using a flash. We observed many in that section using their phones to take pictures. The back lighting was rude and I know distracting to those behind them.

          The lady in front of my mother had her phone out texting the entire show. The light is annoying and my mom should have tapped her on the shoulder telling her it was distracting. I wonder why that kind of person even bothers to go to the show. She obviously isn't interested. She could have sat outside texting.

     When I take pictures I use the view finder in my camera so that no one can see the light. I've checked and it does not put off any light at all. This is why some of my pictures are not that good but oh well, some are and that is fine.

     It is going to come to a place where Disney will have to make people put their phones and cameras away and not allow them into the shows.

     While trying to watch World of Color many people had their iPads and phones up in the air so that all we could see was the show through their device. This is extremely distracting. Do people not realize there is someone behind them wishing to see the show. Some of them will even come up behind you and put their phone in your face. Makes me want to knock it out of their hand and say "oops".  I am fine with people recording but keep their phone at face level so that those behind them can see the show too.

     While on Indiana Jones this man and woman had their phones up the entire ride. All we saw was the phone and the glare. When we got to the exit the case member let us go again. Do people really think all you want to see is their phone?

    Then there are of course the rude people who put their kids on their shoulders. This one seems to happen everywhere and so far Disney doesn't ask people to refrain from that. I guess they take it for granted that people realize their kids are not see through.

     I really wonder what goes through people's heads, are they so ignorant they think their kids are see through or that everyone wants to see their phone screen instead of the show they waited in line to see?  Sadly most people know this, they just think they are the only ones wishing to view the shows, they are the only ones who want to enjoy them. Newsflash to them, You are not the only one's there, others want to enjoy the magical experiences too!!!

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  1. I think they show ban phones in so many places and Disney is one!

    1. Disney allows the phones in but in many shows they are very strict about it. I agree, they should ban them or make people keep them in their pockets.

  2. Many people just don't have any manners these days. They are the same kind of people who talk when you go to a theater and keep you from hearing the movie or actors.

    1. I know, or people talk on their phones during a movie or text. Or then there are the people who hold up a line in the grocery store while they are on the phone....we have become such a rude society.