Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Frozen at The Hyperion: A Spectacularly Magical Experience

     First I will say, get a Fast Pass for the show. Don't take your chance on standby. It is worth seeing and a Fast Pass will ensure you a seat.  
             I knew that the live performance Frozen at the Hyperion would be good but I had no idea how completely magical  the show would be. From the set  to the performance I was amazed. Every aspect of the show is Disney quality at its best. It has a Broadway feel and well, I have nothing but good to say about the show.

     When I first saw the stage I was amazed. They used the same moving screen technology for the background that is used in Mickey's Magical Map. To add to it all making it more realistic the stage appears to be moving water. When the show begins you are taken away to another land. The technical aspect of Frozen is well, something you have to experience live to truly appreciate. The set designers did an amazing job with all aspects of stage design but then they are imagineers.

     The actors are funny, serious and have beautiful voices. I got to see the show twice during my visit. I do not know who played Anna while we were there but she amused me so much, I actually think it was the same Anna both times.. Her voice is lilting and I enjoyed hearing her sing. The actress who played Elsa was just as remarkable. I think I saw two different Elsa's though. Anna made me cry with "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and Elsa when she sang "Let it Go."

     I think the highlight for me is the staircase during "Let it Go". The technology there is spectacular.

     The puppeteers playing Olaf and Sven do such a great job of making the puppets move and the characters believable. They show the correct expression without distracting from the actual puppets.  Only Disney could pull it all off.

     I wish I lived closer so I could experience the show on a regular basis. It is one I suggest everyone take the time to see when visiting Disney Resort in Anaheim.

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