Sunday, July 31, 2016

Block Out Day Adventures

      I do not like saying anything negative about Disney Resort, the negative posts I made are to hopefully make people see that their rudeness affects others and to possibly help those at Disney become aware of things they might not be aware of. Enough negative things, now on to positive.

     We are annual pass holders, we are only able to purchase the deluxe pass so when we go on vacation in June and July we do have block out dates. This past year we had 4 because we went over the Fourth of July. It is hard being in Anaheim and unable to enter the parks however there is so much we find to do that the days fly by.

     Actually this year our block out days were so busy that we never really got that rest day to energize us like usual. That rest day makes it where we can go head on for the second half of our ten Disney days.

     Usually we have only one or two block out days. The block out days are Saturdays. We go to the Outlets at Orange, walk along Harbor Boulevard and chill at the room. Well at Pizza Press.  Sometimes my son and I go to the pool for a bit and well, we rest.

     This year with 4 days we kept very busy. Our first block out day we walked along Harbor. It was relaxing and restful however we weren't tired yet so not that much in need of the rest ha ha.

     Our second block out day we went to the Disney Vacation Club presentation. It was interesting but not for us so they graciously took us back to Downtown Disney. Then we shopped the rest of the day. When I say shop, I mean shop. We went to Company D, then to Wal Mart because my aunt had to pick up a prescription
. Then hopped on the ART and off to The Outlets where we shopped until 8:30. It was a busy day.

     The next day was another block out day. We went to the beach and walked our little legs off. We didn't realize we were so far from the pier but walked there anyhow. We had to hurry back to the van though because we only paid for 2 hours parking. We had to walk 4 miles back at a rather fast pace in beach shoes. We went to the room, got food and crashed.

     On the 4th of July we went to Knotts Berry Farm. Went to the room after that day and rested the rest of the day.

     We walked a lot the three days off, we had a great time but we were pooped. We wouldn't change it though because now these are adventures to remember.


  1. It's nice that Knott's is close to the area, we really enjoyed Knott's!

    1. We found Knott's ok but it wasn't out thing. But we are super glad we went.