Thursday, June 30, 2016

Baked Potato Blues

     Last year my mom and aunt found a Baked Potato at Disneyland they absolutely loved. They bought it at Harbor Galley. It had barbecue meat and Cole slaw on it. The thought it was totally the bomb. Well, this year their mouths were watering for this yummy find they found last year.

     So, last night we decided to eat this delicious potato. We were at DCA but left to go eat at Disneyland. When we got to the Galley we found that they no longer serve this potato. The cast member said that Troubadour Tavern used to have the potato but they closed and they had it for  while, then this year it went back to the Tavern. This was at 8 :00 PM and the Tavern closed at 6:30 so we decided to get a potato the next day.

     The next day arrived and so we left DCA again to go over and eat the baked potato. I was not that thrilled about a baked potato but do love barbecue meat so decided that it might be good.  We went to the Troubadour Tavern and found they no longer have the barbecue and cold slaw baked potato. My mom and aunts were bummed, they had looked forward to that all year. I was bummed because I don't like any of the food they have at that place. They have bratwurst and then the potato that just has sour cream and bacon bits. Or you can get one with broccoli and cheese. A far cry from the amazing potato of last year. We were all disappointed.

     So, if you loved the baked potato at the Harbor Galley, don't bother going because it is no more and we had the Baked Potato Blues.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Countdown to Magic

     Hello my friends, we will leave Thursday June 23, heading to our magical laughing place. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim! I am so excited, we all are. I am also a bit sad because my son's won't be with me. My oldest had to stop going three years ago due to life getting in the way. I missed him but I at least still had one son with me. Now he has a new job and can't go so this will be my first trip without my kids. Even though I can't wait to go, I am feeling a bit sad.

     I know though that I will have a magical time! We will stay in Kingman as we always do, eat dinner at Cracker Barrel which is a new tradition started two years ago, and then get up the next day, Friday, and head to Anaheim.

     We should arrive around 2 PM, head to Wal Mart to buy milk and other supplies. Then to the room to unload the vehicle. This year we can go to the parks on Friday night so of course we will. We plan to just put our stuff in the room and not even unp
ack. We are blocked out on Saturday so can unpack then. Friday night will be a riding kind of night.

     We don't usually plan things out when we go to the parks but we do talk about what we want to do first and well, we want to go ride Racers. Our plan is to go to DCA first and see what unfolds. We may find Soarin to have a not so long line so we'll wait there, or we may stop and do something else as we walk by. We will end up at Radiator Springs though and to racing.

     Our first night we are not sure what is for dinner but it may be Flo's V8 or a burger from Smokejumpers. That will unfold too.

     Sadly I know we will not go to Big Thunder Barbecue during our vacation. We will miss the food. What we will miss most of all though is the Mad T Party. It makes us very sad that it is gone, we will miss our daily doses of T.

     We are excited for Frozen, it will be amazing. We can't wait to see Magical Map again and well are excited about everything that is there.

     I won't be online much, I don't plan to spend my days of fun on my phone. I will however check Facebook and might even write a blog some evenings. I always have plans to blog a bit but just never take the time. I will try to keep my readers informed as to what is happening while we are having a blast.

     See you in the land of magic.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Some People Get It, Some Just Do Not

     I have so many friends and relatives who just don't get our love of Disneyland. They always ask me why we go every year. They can't believe that we go to the parks for ten days. Many people ask us how we refrain from getting bored riding the same attractions over and over. Well it is the magic, it is wonderful, it is fantasy, it is being a child again, it is fantasy and well that fantasy is magical.

     I tell those friends of mine who get sort of snotty about Disneyland that going to Disneyland every year is no different than them going camping every weekend. It is pretty much the same when you go camping too. But it is something you love. So I don't understand why some people want to trash on what others love...but this blog is not negative so that is all I will say about that...

     When we enter the main gate we toss our worries away. Then we walk along and go through check point, then off to the parks we go. We rarely know which park we plan to enter first, we just go where the magic takes us. There are times we plan on entering one park first and then hopping over to the other later on. But many times we "wing it" which makes it even more fun.

     We rarely plan out our meals, rides or anything. Everything we do is just done as we walk by. Oh yes once in a while we head for a Fast Pass for a specific attraction but if there is a short wait on one or not too long wait on another, we stop and ride. I mean that is what it is all about.

     The attractions in the parks are amazing. They are experiences that are magical. Even the queue is magical on most attractions. Indiana Jones has one of my favorite queues. I always hope we get to wait a little while so we can check things out. Yes your feet get tired from standing but that is just a part of it all.

     There are some days we don't get on may attractions which is fine. On those days we are just happy to be there. We find places to get a soda/water, and sit to people watch. We also take these opportunities to hunt for Hidden Mickey's or I find new photo ops.

     While we are there it is very busy but we have decided that everyone else is there for the same reason we are, they love the parks as much as we do and we just enjoy the "ride". With that attitude we generally only cross paths of others who are like minded and feel like we do.

     I have many friends who love Disney as much as we do. We talk about it, love going over and over and over again, we never tire of the experience and find new ways to make magic each time we go. We could talk about Disney all of the time and never tire of anything related to it. I love those conversations...they are also the ones who understand when I say I want to scream that I mean I want to scream on a ride...

     So soon we are off to feel the magic!!