Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Disney Resort: It's About Atmosphere

     Disney Resort is not just about the rides, it is about the smells, the sounds, the feel, the air and well simply the atmosphere that makes it special and magical. You don't even have to enter the parks to feel the magic if you truly feel the magic.

     We get annual passes to Disneyland and DCA every year. Our passes have black out dates but that does not stop us from having fun because it is more than just the rides, it is well like I said earlier, the atmosphere.
     Of course entering the parks is the most fun of all but we find plenty to do on our black out days. Our room has the Disney feel, everything in the entire area actually has the Disney feel even as far as The Block of Orange.

     When we first get to Anaheim we stop at Wal Mart to buy our snacks and such for our vacation. Then we head to our room where we unload and unpack. Then it is off to Downtown Disney where we get to experience live music, wonderful sights, great shopping and those amazing smells that are in the air. After we eat at Wetzels Pretzels and enjoy some music we head back to our room. The fun does not end there, if we get back early enough we can watch the fireworks from Pizza Press at our hotel.

     The next day we are able to enter the parks which is of course the best part of the trip. When we first enter the main gait we throw our troubles away. We are excited to hear the Disney music as we walk along and then decide which part to enter first. Once we enter we just stop to take it all in, to really enjoy where we are. Slowly we stroll down Main Street taking in the sights, smells and sounds along the way. Usually we head to Adventureland, from there we never know where the day will take us. As we wait in line for attractions we visit and enjoy just being there.

     On our other block out days we like to walk along Harbor Boulevard and check out all of the shops. It is also a lot of fun to go to Downtown Disney for entertainment and atmosphere again. We sometimes wander around the Disneyland Hotel area to check out their shops and sites.

     One thing we never are is bored because no matter what we do while we are in Anaheim, it is fun, it is exciting and it is magical

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tribute to T

     Two years ago we discovered The Mad T Party Band in Disney's California Adventure Park. We absolutely fell in love with the band. Last year we made it a point to watch their shows almost every night, every set. We loved discovering who each performer is and "getting to know" them. They became a part of our Disney family so we were looking forward to seeing them again this year. Well, that was not meant to be, Disney decided to send them down the Rabbit Hole for the last time on March 30, 2016 causing much sadness for many T Party lovers.

     As I thought of my sadness as the show drew near and end, I realized that my sadness is nothing compared to those who are a part of the T Party. I was in theater in high school and remember how heartbreaking it was when each play ended. I watched my son and his friends recently as they were so sad as their play ended. You feel this sense of loss and emptiness for something that has been a consuming part of your life for months. In high school theater you spend more time with your fellow performers and crew members than your own family. They become your theater family so when it is over, you are sad. It is of course necessary to move on but you feel this sorrow in your heart and know you will miss spending all of that time with those wonderful people.

     Imagine spending the last 4 years performing with what becomes your family in Wonderland. I thought about that and how sad those who were a part of such an amazing show for that many years must feel. They are all extremely talented and will move on to greatness but for a while they will feel that sense of loss and sadness for what was.

     I have created the video Tribute to T in tribute and dedication to all involved in the Mad T Party. They brought so much happiness to many people and I wanted to do something to share back with them what they shared with me, joy, happiness and fun!  The video includes most of the pictures I took while watching the band and some of the songs I recorded. It is long but for those who love T it will not be long enough.

     Thanks for the memories and Break a Leg in all you do!


This blog and video are dedicated to all who made the T experience magical!