Monday, June 22, 2015

Was There for the 50th and Now for the 60th

     Yes our trip to Disney Resort in Anaheim is near. Only 12 more days and we are on our way.  It is hard to believe another year has passed and the magical time is near. I will soon soar on Soarin, fall on Splash Montian, Drop on Tower, splash on Grizzly River run and scream on Screamin. All in one day most times too. I will also get to travel to the future on Star Tours, go swashbuckling on Pirates and meet those 999 haunts at the mansion.

     This year is a special year. It is Disney's 60th birthday, it is hte diamond celebration. Wow how completely exciting. We were there for the 50th gold and it was amazing so I am sure this celebration will be just as wonderful.

     Disney's California Adventure Park has under gone some changes and while I am sad to see some things leave, I am excited for the changes too.  I am also so excited to see the Mad T Party Band play again. I will let everyone know if the music has changed outside Soarin and how the changes are in the old Taste Pilot Grill and Fly N Buy.

     Disneyland has done some imgaineering to Peter Pan which will be truly enthralling. Alice was amazing so I know Peter Pan will be as well.

     There are new window stories too which I can't wait to see. The fireworks will be amazing and then there's the new Electrical Parade. Wow it will be amazing and I will have a lot to tell.

     I will take a lot of pictures, video and have many new memories to share.

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