Sunday, June 7, 2015

More Disney California Adventure Park Memories

     Many of our favorite attractions, landmarks and places to hang out are now a part of the DCA memory book. We love some of the new attractions and hang outs but miss the old places we loved. It is hard to say goodbye to something to love and relegate it to a memory.

     One thing that we absolutely loved to do was to get ice cream at Brr Bank Ice Cream, sit and watch the Beach Boys cover band play while enjoying our ice cream.  We loved the old Zephyr and was sad to see it leave.

   We spend many hours sitting at these tables people watching and listening to the music played by the Beach Boys cover band. We also enjoyed just sitting there to listen to the overhead music too. It was all California beach music and made us happy. It is something that my family and I miss a lot.
    The new building is nice but just not the same. The music overhead is not some we enjoy and we do not like the entertainment that is played over by Carthay Circle. I wonder if anyone really likes that old twenties style music. It is loud and makes it very hard to visit as we sit to have ice cream. We now have our ice cream over at Ghirdelli's on the Warf.
     We also loved the Titanium Sun, it was beautiful and had such an amazing water show if you took the time to watch. We also watched the Electrical Parade from that spot because it was not crowded and the best spot where you could see the entire parade. It was sad to see it go. The Carathay Circle building is pretty but just not the same. The prices are not affordable for families and well, I just think it is not something Walt would have placed in his park, maybe the building but not the high priced restaurant.

     Not only was the Titanium Sun a great place to watch the Elecrical parade and a beautiful landmark, it was also an excellent place for photo ops. We spent a lot of time there. 

      The old Woody is the car the Beach Boys cover band drove around. I really miss that show.

     Another attraction that we missed a lot disappeared before we even know it. I don't even know when it disappeared, I think it was in 2012 but long before that the things we loved about it were gone. You could have a water fight and my kids loved to pretend to surf. We went to see it one year and it was gone. It wasn't a place we visited a lot but we did enjoy it.

DCA is still one of our favorite places and we do love most all of the new attractions but I think a farewell to the ones that will forever live in our memories had to be done.  Next post I will remember more of our favorite attractions/landmark/memories.

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