Sunday, June 21, 2015

More Things We Miss at DCA

     There are more things we miss at DCA, one of those are the letters in the central plaza area. We loved the letters, they were not only interesting, pretty and unique but they were great photo op spots. Over the years we have taken many pictures near and in the letters. My kids loved to just sit in the letters. We truly miss them.

     My sons having fun posing in the letters.

      A family shot inside the letters back in 2004 when my grandma went with us.
 Oldest son as he was getting almost too big to sit inside the A.
     Youngest posing in the C

     Another huge change that took place was the removal of the replica of the San Francisco bridge. We loved the bridge, it was fun watching the Monorail travel over it and just as fun riding over it as we were on the Monorail. We took a lot of photo's in front of the bridge too. Here are a couple shots of the bridge that is now a part of history. 
     The entrance to the park is completely different and the letters are gone, the after you enter the park the bridge is gone, we do like the changes but in honestly not as well as we did these pieces of history. Thankfully we will always have our memories and pictures.

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