Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ant-Man Preview at DCA

     I am late getting this blog out but hopefully I can reach a few people who have not had the chance to watch Ant-Man at DCA before it leaves on August 3, 2015.

     This year while on our Disney vacation we walked by one of our favorite attractions, It's Tough to Be a Bug only to find that it was gone, in its place was a premier of the movie Ant-Man. We were very upset. I mean why would Disney remove an attraction for a movie preview?  We thought, really Disney, who wants to pay all this money to see a movie preview? I took a picture and was going to write about how upset we were about this.

     One day while at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) I told my mom and aunt that we needed to see Ant-Man preview, I mean as a writer how can I write about something I haven't seen.  So we went to see the Ant-Man premier.

     I am so glad we went to see the premier because it was a lot of fun. They did not just have a movie premier, it was an attraction just like Tough to Be a Bug is an attraction. Disney used the effects of the room for the new attraction and well, we loved it a lot!  We loved it so much that we had my son go the next time and we looked forward to watching it again.

     This experience reminded us that we must try everying that is Disney because most of the time it is great and we will love it. I am so very glad we tried the Ant-Man premier and actually wish it would be there next year even though I love Tough to Be a Bug.

    If you have the chance in the next two days, go and see Ant-Man where Tough to Be a Bug lives before it retires.

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