Sunday, June 21, 2015

Farewell to Taste Pilot Grill

     One of our favorite places to eat is Taste Pilot Grill. Not just because they have wonderful food but we also loved the ambiance of the establishment. The aviation theme and music while inside the restaurant were special for us.

     We have seen the appearance of the restaurant change and this year when we go to DCA it will no longer be called Taste Pilot Grill. It is now Smoke Jumpers Grill or something of that nature. We do not know what to expect and I am sure it will still be an excellent place to eat but we will miss the aviation theme and music.

 This is what the outside of the TPG looked like when we first started going to DCA in 2003. We loved the plane.

After a few years they changed it and took the plane away.
We miss the plane.

This is the inside of the TPG, I am sad that it will not look this way anymore. 
I am sure the food will be great and I will write about the new restaurant but I am still sad that the Grill has changed and will miss the Taste Pilot Grill.

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