Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Final Change, Saddest of All

     Soarin Over California is one of our favorite rides. It is a part of Condor Flats which no longer exists. This year Soarin has a new theme and will look different inside. We were told to take pictures of it last year since it was the last year it would look like it does. The attraction did need updating because the film was getting worn out. I am not sure that they needed to get rid of Condor Flats and the aviation theme though. Time will tell, I will write about it when we expeience it ourselves.

     We loved the music and theme of Soarin as it was. Change is hard and this is the hardest change of all.

Outside Soarin in Condor Flats
Soarin inside, going to miss this shot. I will miss being cleared for take-off.
    Soon we will be introduced to the new Soarin, but I must say farewell to the old Soarin Over California and Condor Flats. We will miss you.

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