Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Disney's California Adventure Park: Memories of the Past

Way back in 2003 when my mom and I first took my kids to Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) which had not been open for long. We had never been there either. We all fell in love with the park. We loved the Southern Beach feel that it had. It was not Disneyland but had a Disney feel complete with Disney magic. We spent a lot of time hopping from one park to the next.

Back in 2008 we were told that there were many huge plans for the park. There was this huge expansion about to happen. We were excited because they told us that there would be a Cars Land but yet we were also sad to see many of the things we love go away. I thought it would be fun to write a blog showcasing some of the things we loved and miss most of all at DCA

The first thing to go that we loved was Golden Dreams. It was a wonderful and interesting story told by Woopie Goldberg about California and the dreams that made it what it is today. I wish they would put the story on DVD becaue it was such a great story. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of Golden Dreams before it was removed but I did get some shots of this building that was just around the corner. We spent a lot of time there because restrooms were a part of this structure.  My sons also loved getting their pictures taken here.

When we arrived in 2009 to find Golden Years gone and Ariel's attraction in the making we also found that the water at the pier had been drained so they could put in World of Color.

This picture was taken back in July 2003 on our first visit to DCA. Such a different view from what was to come.
This shot was taken in 2003 too. 

Then later in 2009 things looked much different in this area. The water was gone and the sun wheel had changed. We looked forward to the World of Color but things sure did look dreary without the water.
A few years later in 2010 things had changed quite a bit. The Orange Stinger was gone and in its place was Silly Symphony Swings. I must admit we have not tried them. We felt secure inside the stinger but have not felt as secure being out in the open. Someday I will give it a twirl though. 

This is the Maliboomer in its glory. One of my sons favorite rides after they got the nerve to ride it. Sadly they were only able to enjoy it for a couple of years before it was removed.

The following year another area we loved was gone. Bountiful Valley Farms left for Cars Land. Now don't get me wrong, we love Cars Land but we were sad to see this neat area leave. 

One of the saddest things for us was to say goodbye to our beloved Electrical Parade. I remember watching it as a child as it went down Main Street USA. Then we were lucky to see it again at DCA. The music always makes us dance and we were brokenhearted to learn it would be leaving in 2010. I hope everyone enjoys these shots I took in 2009 as we said farewell to a Disney tradition. I will post YouTube video once I get that loaded.

That ends my memory lane tribute for now. I will continue soon with a tribute to the DCA entrance and the San Francisco Bridge replica and the letters. We also will dearly miss Condor Flats. Soon we will see the new area and I am sure we will love it but that does not mean we do not miss what was.

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