Friday, January 1, 2016

The Magic Walt Gave Us

     Those who are Disney fanatics like myself and my family already know that Walt created his park because he wanted a place where "parents and children could have fun together." In the early 50's there was no such place.So using his imagination he created Disneyland. Of course it was not easy and predictions were that he would fail. The first day actually was a disaster but the magic of Walt prevailed and Disneyland became "The Happiest Place on Earth."

     Disneyland is always growing, Walt believed that it should never stop growing and since the park opened  in 1955, that has not changed. Disneyland went from one  park to a resort with two parks and a shopping district. The magic draws in millions per year who come only for a day or many like us go for several days. Some people are lucky enough to visit more than once a year. Regardless of how many times you get to visit, it is the magic that draws you in. Walt said that he wanted to create a place where people forget the world they live in and feel like they are in a different world. He succeeded, when we are there we leave our worries behind and while there life is magical and the world we are in is a magical world.

     I know that not all people feel that magic. To some people Disneyland is a fun place to go, they go once or twice and then are done. Others do not like it at all because it is crowded and then there are those who go once, feel the magic and Disneyland becomes a part of who they are, it is well...home. Folks who feel that magic understand what I am talking about, those who don't feel it just think we are nuts to go there so often.

     For my family and many close friends though, when we enter the gates of that magical place we are young again and free to let that inner child in us out to play. Just thinking about Disneyland brings us joy, talking about it, writing about it, reading about it are all ways we keep the magic alive during the times we are not able to experience it in person. Our pictures and memories are as much a part of us as the visit itself. We look forward to each visit from the time we leave until we r
eturn again.

     I cannot imagine not being able to visit Disneyland every year. I would be sad and am ever so thankful that I am able to go each year. Yes I am a Disney fanatic, I am a Dis-nerd, I love my resort, and I am thankful for the magic Walt gave us so that I can at least once a year leave my real world behind and enter the land of "yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy."



  1. Yep. I didn't feel magic. I felt commercialism. Those who have the most money get the best experience.

    Then, when adults were literally running and shoving to be able to get in the gates in front of small children...I felt disgust.

    My husband, however, LOVES the place. He feels the magic.

  2. We don't have a lot of money, we save so that we can go. It is not easy for us but we love it so much that we make sure we can go.

    We aren't the ones who run and shove but do get annoyed by those who do that. It is rude and too bad those people don't stay home. They are not feeling the magic, they are just mean.

    Those who truly feel the magic let the moments unfold and don't feel the need to push and shove and for sure do not get in front of children. We take pleasure in the joy and magic of others.

  3. Our daughter has considered Disney in the USA but the cost for two weeks holiday for a family of four flying from Scotland is approaching £8000! They are going to Paris instead.

    1. WOW yea that is a lot of money. I would love to just go to Scotland someday. I want to go to the Fringe someday.