Sunday, January 10, 2016

Farewell Big Thunder Barbecue

    The first time we went to Big Thunder Barbecue was back in 2008. Back then it was a birthday celebration place. I wanted to take my mom somewhere special for her birthday and the cast member I spoke to suggested the barbecue. We ate there and  we fell in love with the food. At that time they had a fun show with Woody and his friends but the food is what drew us in and prompted us to return time and time again.

     That first year the meal at lunch included little corn wheels and talk about delicious, they were the best. Also included in the meal was a dessert. I can't remember exactly what it was but I think it was a cupcake cooked in an ice cream cone with different toppings. I recall strawberries on mine. It came in a neat display which prompts me to recall the ice cream cone. 

     We went to the ranch the next year and found that the corn was no longer included, nor was the dessert or drinks.. However we loved the meal enough to go anyhow. We were not disappointed.  For a few years drinks were not included in your meal but a couple of years ago they included them again. We were happy. 

     We went to the barbecue every year since 2008. It became one of our Disney traditions. January 11, 2016 however will be the last day for Big Thunder Barbecue. We don't get to experience

 their amazing food again. I know it is leaving for Star Wars Land which I am excited to see but, I am sad to see a place we love leave. I wonder why they can't put the barbecue elsewhere or maybe even make it a new Star Wars restaurant. 

     So as I close this post, I just want to say farewell to Big Thunder Barbecue. We will miss your atmosphere but mostly we will miss your delicious food and excellent service. 

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