Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day Four-July 15, 2014

     Today was our Early Morning Madness entry. We could get into Disneyland at 7:00 AM. Well even though we went to bed early we did not get to the park until 7:40 AM. We headed right to Fantasyland hoping that the wait times would be good to find that there were a lot of people there already. We used to go there at 8 Am when the park opens and it was still great, we got right on the rides in Fantasyland.. That does not work on early entry day though. Early entry for hopper passes is the same day as early entry for people who can afford to stay at the resort Hotels so there are a lot of folks there.

     We did get to ride Peter Pan but the wait was 30 minutes and Alice in Wonderland was a 15 minute wait. Not what we are used to on early entry days but we still enjoyed them. We rode Pinocchio and Storybook Canal Boats with no wait.

     We went over to eat breakfast at River Belle Terrace which is tradition for our early entry days. We are hungry by 11:00 AM and want breakfast. It is also lunch for that day. The food was great as usual. We love the atmosphere too. It is just a part of our magical adventure.

     After breakfast we found the wait at Pirates of the Caribbean to be only 5 minutes and Kyle and I used the Space Mountain Fast Passes we got after Pirates
. A few other rides such as Haunted Mansion and Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh were only 10 minute waits so we took advantage of that.

     We don't usually wait for 50 minutes at Indiana Jones but decided to this day. Much of the wait was after you reach the Fast Pass entrance to the Temple so a fast pass would not have done much anyhow. The wait inside is fun but one thing that was disappointing is that the bamboo where you push on it and the ceiling caves in was not working.

    We ate lunch at Blue Bayou and it was our last time there. The food was not that good and they no longer have our favorite dish, Bucaneer Beef Ribs. The gumbo was still delicious though.  Took our leftovers to the room and chilled for a while.

     We headed over to DCA where we waited in the single rider line for Radiator Springs Racers. That is just the only way to go. We rode Soarin Over California with our Fast Passes, then over to Tower of Terror where the wait said 30 minutes but was only 15. Kyle and I rode Screamin, we all had ice cream at Ghirdelli's which is well, always good. Rode Arial and then watched Mad T Party Band.

    All except Kyle and myself went to the room. We headed to Disneyland to ride Matterhorn which was only a 10 minute wait. Small World and Snow White were only 5 min waits and Big Thunder was 15 minute wait.

     This was yet another great day at the parks. Our 2014 vacation was amazing. We never really had to wait that long for an attraction and things just seemed to go smoothly. Also not a lot of people were cutting which made it very nice.

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