Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Pizza Press in Anaheim, CA

     I decided I will dedicate this post to one of my favorite places to eat when in California. 

In the summer of 2012, a new place to eat, The Pizza Press, opened its doors just across the street from the Main Gate of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. The Pizza Press is located next to the Good Neighbor Hotel, The Carousel Inn and Suites on Harbor Boulevard. The Pizza Press offers a new and unique way to make and serve Pizzas. The food, service, and atmosphere make The Pizza Press a welcome addition to the Disneyland Resort area.

     The food at Pizza Press is beyond delicious. They offer several topping and sauce options.  The menu offers several different pizzas, which are all delicious. The pizzas come with different sauces and toppings that are not seen at a traditional pizza parlor. The Pizza Press offers a different type of Italian sausage that cannot be described, it must be tasted. They also offer many other unique ingredients such as Greek olives and artichoke hearts. For those who are partial to the traditional ingredients, they offer them too.  One of the best and unique ingredients to a Pizza Press pizza is the crust, it is a special crust created by the owner, Dara. Another unique ingredient is the sauces. They offer a red sauce, white sauce, or mix. They also apply an olive oil base to the pizza giving it an extra special taste. The best pizza is the Build Your Own Pizza. The customer can pick his or her favorite ingredients. Customers can watch as their pizza is created. Once the pizza is created, it enters an open oven where customers can watch it bake. This does not take very long and at the other end, the creation awaits.  It is unbelievably delicious and must be experienced. Not only does the Pizza Press offer delicious Pizzas they have fresh baked cookies and handmade ice cream sandwiches that are superbly delicious.

     The price of the pizzas is pretty generalized; the customer does not have to pay extra for each topping. It is simple, each pizza is $10.00, and each pizza will feed one person and in our case, always feeds two.So if you are feeding two people, that is $5.00 per person. Pretty reasonable if you ask me.  The price might seem a bit high for one person, but for the area and the type of pizza, it is very reasonable.

     The service at Pizza Press is beyond spectacular. From the moment the customer enters the restaurant to the time he or she leaves the creators make them feel special and welcome. Those who are frequent guests of The Pizza Press are made to feel like family. The staff greets them by name and even gets to know what kind of pizza they like. The owner, Dara used to be a a regular in the restaurant working alongside his staff and getting to know his customers.I think he is spread very thin now since they have opened other Pizza Press Pizzaria's around the California area.  The service  makes a person want to go back to The Pizza Press repeatedly.

     The atmosphere is another inviting quality to The Pizza Press.  The décor is the Roaring Twenties with newspapers from yesteryear. It is comfortable and interesting to read all of the papers displayed around the restaurant. The pizzas even come on a newspaper to tie into the whole theme. The restaurant is extremely clean. They also offer a comfortable and beautiful patio where customers can view the Monorail passing by and guests as they head to the parks. At night it is an excellent place to watch the fireworks and avoid the crowds while eating a pizza and sipping something cold to drink.

     The Pizza Press is an excellent addition to the Disneyland Resort area. It offers a unique twist to the Pizza and is simply a delicious and fun place to eat. The food, service and atmosphere make it a must experience for everyone who is visiting the Disneyland Resort area and for those who are just passing by. Since it is located just near the Disneyland Resort entrance, The Pizza Press is an experience all travelers should enjoy.

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