Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Always Go Left at Plaza Inn

     We go to the Plaza Inn Character Breakfast every year.  The first year that we went was a surprise for my moms birthday. We enjoyed it so much that we made it one of our Disney vacation traditions. No matter what else we plan we make sure to include the breakfast.

     The restaurant has seating outside and then inside to the right and to the left of the main entrance. Up until the last two years we have sat on the left side of the restauran

t. The food is great but of course we go for the character interaction too. That is the main reason we go actually. is to see the characters, yes it is the child in is, it is the Disney in our hearts. To us they are all real.

     When you sit on the left side the characters come around constantly. You take a bite of food and then it is time to take another picture. The characters are everywhere. We just love it. Then year before last we were seated on the right side. We really didn't think much of it but later we would.

     There were several families sitting on the right side but the characters did not come around. We got our food and waited, Minnie finally showed up and I think maybe Pooh but we watched as the characters would go to the left, outside, almost to our side and then they would leave. We were disappointed. There were little kids who were also disappointed so one of the parents went to let the cast members know that we all wanted to see the characters too. She said that they would send them over but thirty minutes later after watching them make their rounds everywhere but our area,we left. The food was still great but the experience was not magical.

     Last summer we were seated on the right again. I made a comment to the cast member who took us to our seats stating that we had a bad experience last year with the right side and we really wanted to see the characters. I had even requested when I made our reservations not to be seated on the right. But the cast member assured us that the characters would come to our table. Once again though we watched them make their rounds to the left, outside and only three came to our side. It was yet again a great meal but not so magical experience.

     We will go to the Character breakfast again this year but we will insist on the left side because we go for the characters too and we want to get our money's worth and our magic.

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