Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Favorite Places to Eat at Disneyland

     Dining at Disneyland is fun just because it is Disneyland. The restaurants are a lot of fun and add a special magic to the entire experience. Many people say the prices are way out of line but in reality there are many place to eat that are no more expensive than a meal at McDonald's. Disneyland has many different places to eat. Some of our favorites are Redd Rocket Pizza Port, Plaza Inn, Golden Horseshoe/Stage Door Cafe, River Belle Terrace, Cafe Orleans and we used to love Blue Bayou.

     I will start with The Blue Bayou, The Blue Bayou is a fancy dining restaurant and requires a reservation because they are so busy. The atmosphere is a lot of fun since it is located in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The service is excellent and until the last two years we thought worth the high costs. We have gone there every year since 2006 but after last year will never go again which is sad. Their menu has changed and the food is not as good as it used to be.Well except for their gumbo, it is out of this world!  We've experienced the atmosphere so it is time to leave this wonderful restaurant behind and enjoy our memories of the Blue Bayou. I will write about our memories of this beautiful restaurant later on.

     Redd Rocket Pizza Port is located in Tomorrowland and is a great place to go for pizza or pasta. They also offer salads which we don't eat often because well, who wants salad when you have pizza and pasta. Pizza Port is a counter service restaurant where guests can watch them prepare some of the food. All of their food is very affordable and delicious. Seating is inside the restaurant and outside too. Our favorite place to eat is actually by the entrance to Space Mountain. We eat at Pizza Port several times when we visit Disneyland. The atmosphere is futuristic and a lot of fun.

     For character dining at its best, The Plaza Inn near the entrance to Tomorrowland is the place to be. It is a buffet style restaurant and the food is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere is super fun. Disney characters come by your table for photo ops and to interact with you. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it is so much fun. It is another magical experience. Do make sure you ask to be seated on the left side, for some reason the characters go there most often.

       The Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland is another of Disneyland’s counter service restaurants. They offer chicken and fish strips. We used to go for the entertainment but Billy Hill and the Hillbillies are no longer there so we just go for the food which you can also get at the Stage Door Cafe located to the right of the Shoe. They offer the same food except also offer hand dipped corn dogs and funnel cakes that are to die for.

       The River Belle Terrace is a wonderful place to eat breakfast. They offer many different meals including Mickey Mouse pancakes. It is a counter service restaurant but the food is always delicious and fresh. River Belle is an elegant restaurant. You can sit inside or outside and watch the Mark Twain sail the waters on the Rivers of America.

     Our new discovery in 2015 was Cafe Orleans. Because of our love for The Blue Bayou gumbo we decided to try Cafe Orleans. We had heard they serve the same gumbo and well, they do! Oh how excited we were to find out favorite food at a lot cheaper price. You can also get just a bowl of gumbo and it is a good helping too. We tried their Monte Cristo as well and found it to be delicious too. Cafe Orleans is now one of our favorite places to eat at Disneyland. We will eat there several times each trip I am sure.

     There are other places to eat at Disneyland but the ones I have mentioned are our favorites.  Dining at Disneyland is fun just because it is Disneyland. The restaurants are a lot of fun and add special magic to the entire experience.


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