Saturday, December 26, 2015

Favorite Places to Eat at Disney's California Adventure Park

     I wrote about our favorite places to eat at Disneyland, now I will tell what our favorite places are in Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA). The price range is about the same as Disneyland. Some places are a little more costly but not compared to places you might eat outside the park. Taste Pilot Grill, Award Wieners, Cozy Cone, Flo's V8, Pacific Warf Cafe, Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and Ghirdelli's are our favorite places to eat when we are at DCA.

     Taste Pilot Grill is now called Smokejumpers but will always be Taste Pilot to us. The atmosphere has changed but the food is pretty much the same. They have some of the best burgers I've ever tasted. They also offer an excellent condiment bar where you get a delicious barbecue sauce along with all the other burger fixings. Their fries are good here too but sure not as good as when we first started eating here in 2003. back then they have the seasoned waffle fries and they were the best fries ever! I really don't know why the got rid of them but know we miss those fries a lot!

     Award Wiener is a great place to get a delicious hot dog. We go there when we are not real hungry because even though their dogs are yummy they only give out chips so you tend not to fill up as well as when they serve fries. When we first started going to the park they had fries and we sure do wish they would bring them back.

    When we are looking more for a snack than a meal or just a small meal, Cozy Cone is the place to go. Cozy Cone has a fritz pie in a delicious bread cone. They also have Chili Con Case but it is not my favorite. We go here a few times each visit to the resort. Cozy Cone also has a delicious soft serve ice cream and some delicious Churro bites.

     For a nice meal that is on the healthier side we go to Flo's V8 Cafe. It is still counter service but delicious food. The meals are a bit more expensive than the other restaurants but here you get meat and two vegetables. We always walk away full. The atmosphere is a lot of fun whether you eat inside or out. The outside seating area looks on to Radiator Springs Racers or you can just chill out on Route 66..

     Pacific Warf Cafe is where we get soup in a bread bowl. We love to eat here and take our food to the large eating area. You can also get food at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill and sit in the same area. There is something for everyone in the Pacific Warf eating area. The bread bowl I like to get is clam chowder. I don't care much for sour dough bread but it is good with the soup. I keep hoping someday they will use regular bread too. I love the chicken dinner at Cochina's. With that you get chicken and a vegetable or two.

     There are times when we really are not all that hungry or actually are not hungry for a meal. So then we go to Ghirdelli's for an ice cream dinner. We usually get a sundae or one scoop of ice cream with toppigs. It is a wonderful way to end a magical day in the parks or a magical afternoon or any magical time.

     No matter where you eat in DCA the food is delicious and you leave feeling fueled. Then you are ready to enjoy the rest of your day or head back to the room for a restful night



  1. I didn't even realize there was another Disney park in California besides Disneyland itself. I was last near there in 1991. What's the difference between the two?

    1. California Adventure Park started out as a place that made you think of the beaches in California. Then they renovated it and it is themed a lot when Walt first came to California. They also have Cars Land which is well, Cars Land. Disneyland is now a part of Disney Resort and that is where DCA is located along with Downtown Disney District which is a shopping district. I will write about them all soon....