Thursday, December 24, 2015

Special Memories With a Special Cast Member

     We have had many cast members make our visits to Disneyland and California Adventure Park special, magical and memorable. They not only do their job by meeting the needs of the guests but go above and beyond making each guest feel important and loved. Those remarkable cast members love their jobs and it shows. I only know the name of one cast member who made special memories for us because we met up with her two years different years and we remembered her.

     This cast member is Paula and she works in Fantasyland. In 2006 while we were waiting to ride on Casey Jr. Paula joked with my youngest son who was nine years old at the time. She told him that he was a monkey and made us all laugh. Later we saw her at the Carousel too and she made us laugh once again.

     Several years later in 2011 when my son was fourteen years old we were waiting to ride Casey Jr and the cast member working there was joking and telling the kids they were monkeys, she was incredibly funny. I remembered her from 2006 and we visited with her telling her that she had joked with my son back when he was only nine years old. He remembered her too which she thought was very special.

     Paula was a lot of fun and we went back to see her the next night when she took a picture with my son. Meeting such a fun cast member two different years was a special adventure to us all and I believe it was magical for her to have us remember her unique sense of humor and wonderful personality. She said it made her feel great knowing that she helped make our visit to the Happiest Place on Earth a fabulous experience.

     Other cast members are special too and I will share those experiences too but felt this one needed its own spot to shine

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