Monday, August 10, 2015

My Grandma's Last Disney Year: Disneyland's 50th Birthday

     I recently wrote about being at Disney's 50th birthday celebration and also the 60th. What I forgot to mention was that the 50th was also my grandmas last year with us at the parks. Grandma going to Disneland with us the last few years of her life was so special for all of us.

     Grandma had to use a wheelchair because of her arthritis but none of us minded pushing her along. My oldest son was only 10 at the time and he always wanted to push her. We joked about it because one time my mom let him and he ran her into things. It was funny really.

     We didn't usually sit and wait for the firewroks but that year we did. We waited in front of the castle for hours and well, it was worth it. The show was amazing.

     This year for the 60th we waited for a long time at the end of Main Street closest to Central Plaza. We didn't wait on the curb like the 50th but we did wait a long time. The show as just as spectacular and I am sure grandma would have loved it.

     Grandma left us before the Electriccal Parade left DCA so she didn't have to be sad for that loss. She would have loved the new Paint the Night Parade too.

     Our last year with my grandma at Disneyland was special just like any time we spent with her. Just like Disney's birthday, our time with her was golden. She sparkles like the diamond of the 60th in our hearts.


  1. This was a real celebration, and a marvelous way to honor your grandma's memory. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank-you for commenting Michelle. My grandma was so special to us. I miss her all the time.