Monday, August 10, 2015

Mad T Party at DCA

     A couple of years ago I wrote an article about The Mad T Party at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA). My thoughts of the party were negative at the time. I did not like it because they served alcohol and I figured that the entire party was just a big drunken party.

     In 2014 however we learned once again that we should check everything out that Disney has to offer. If it is at Disney Resort, it is most likely good.

     It was by accident that we discovered the fun of the T Party and the amazing Mad T Party Band. We had just gotten off Tower of Terror and had to use the restroom. We went to the one by the T Party. When we came out there was dancing and other things going on. The music was fun so we decided to stop and watch. Then all of the sudden we heard a band playing and knew the songs. We went to check them out and well the rest for us is history.

     We still don't like that they allow alcohol but the people there do not get drunk and it is still a lot of fun.

     We fell in love with the Mad T Party Band. We made sure to go to every show we could. Then this year we looked forward to our daily dose of T.

     The shows run 6-6:30, then from then on the half hour until the last show at 9:30. Each night there are different people playing the parts of the Hatter, March Hare, Door Mouse, Alice, Cheshire Cat, caterpillar and the White Rabbit is DJ for the times the T Party Band is not playing.

     Of course we do have our favorite's and look for them to be on stage each time we watch the show.  In 2015 we tried to make it to most of the shows. We even gave up riding on attractions to see the T Party Band. That is how much we love it.

      It has been around 3 weeks since our last night of T and well, I must say I miss it terribly. We now follow many of the members in their other endeavors and truly enjoy all they do.

     So until next year when we get to have our daily T, the pictures and video from our visit will have to do. Here are some of the video's I took with my camera. Next year I am taking an actual video camera.

     All the Small Things 
     Everybody Talks

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