Sunday, May 28, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy-6 Hour Wait--What?

     I was shocked when I saw the wait times for Disney California Adventures Guardians of the Galaxy attraction on its opening day yesterday. The reports I saw at first were 3 hours and then it jumped to 6 hours. That is a heck of a long time.

     The line extended all the way to Buena Vista Street and then wound round four times. For those who are not familiar with the park Buena Vista Street is a long way from GOG. Also, the winds for rides can be very deceiving. Thankfully they post wait times because if they did not you would think it was a shorter wait than it actually is.

     However anyone entering the park knowing where GOG is located would know the wait was long if they approached the end of the line at Buena Vista street.

     I saw three hours and thought
that was long but when it extended to six hours I was shocked. Who would really want to wait that long? That is half of your day in the parks.

     I am not in that big of a hurry to see the new attraction. I'm actually not all that excited except I love the drops. I still miss Tower of Terror but will visit GOG when I am there in July however will not wait 6 or even 3 hours in line.

     My other thought when I saw the wait times was "I wonder if the wait times for the other rides are short?"

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Maliboomer Memories

     I am not sure how many people remember The Maliboomer in Disney's California Adventure Park, but we recall it fondly. Not necessarily because it was one of our favorite rides but because it is a part of the park we first knew.

     Actually, it took several years for us to give the Maliboomer a chance. It looked so very dramatic, going up, up, up and then dropping. Nothing around you, just a clear view of the park as you dropped. Was it scary? Yes. Was it fun? Yes it was. But what prompted us to finally take the "dive" and ride it?

     Well for me it was getting over my fear of Tower of Terror. I finally realized that Maliboomer was nothing more than Tower without the theme, and without the walls surrounding me as I fell. While riding it I could see what was going on around me. Yes that was terrifying but I tried it a few times, I loved it. Finally however I couldn't make myself ride it any longer.

     My youngest was the first one to over come the fear to ride taking me with him...then finally in the summer of 2010, its last year,at DCA my oldest son decided to give it a try. He loved it and both boys rode it over and over again. Single rider of course. I remember sitting on the bench watching them go up and squeal with delight.

     The Maliboomer loomed like a protective friend over the park. It was loved by many, but like many other favorites it is now gone. Just a tree in its place.

Maliboomer Clip

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Farewell Carousel Inn and Suites

     Thirteen years ago The Carousel Inn and Suites on Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California became our home. It was our home for the time we were on our yearly Disney vacation. The Carousel was not just a hotel to us, it was home. When we entered the parking lot we felt like we were where we belonged. Actually it felt more comfortable and like the placer we were supposed to be than the place we live the rest of the year. Yes the Carousel was special to us, it was a place we loved.

      Never in a million years did we think there would come a day it would be gone. I mean really, such a beautiful building, just gone. But, in April of 2017 the Carousel is being destroyed for a parking walk way. Disney is putting in a parking lot behind the property and the beautiful building we called home will be gone.

     We felt the magic at The Carousel, the magic we feel in the parks lived there. The atmosphere was relaxing and well...magical. After a day at the park it was always nice to go home.

     The staff was wonderful, many of them became wonderful friends and while we were there they felt like our family. We were welcomed with open arms!

     We started out staying on the 5th floor and eventually moved to a Club room on floor 2 where we had a balcony and larger room to live in for our time in California.

     When we first started staying at The Carousel they had a continental breakfast in the fifth floor room. It was a nice breakfast and a beautiful room.Up until two years ago the same room also served as a firework viewing area. Viewing the fireworks from the fifth floor was a tradition for us. We made sure that we watched from the viewing area once or twice during our visit. It was peaceful and memorable.

     Sadly we have to find a new home in California. Yes a home, the Carousel was that for us and we are sad. Sad to know our home will no longer exist. I imagine many others feel the same way we do. The Carousel was not just a building for us, the walls hold so many wonderful and magical memories we will forever hold in our hearts.

     I am so glad I took a lot of pictures while we were there. I hope those who read this blog will also enjoy the picture tribute I created from my shots of The Carousel. Just looking at them make me sad to think the beautiful building that many call home will no longer exist.

     Farewell Carousel, more than just a place to stay, you were home.

Farewell Carousel Inn and Suites Video Tribute

+Carousel Inn and Suites
+Disney Resort

Monday, February 20, 2017

Rude Behavior is a Photo Op

     Back in 2016 I wrote a blog about how rude behavior at California Adventure Park provided me with an awesome photo op. I do not knot why I did not write it in this blog but decided I would share the link in this blog.

     I get annoyed at the rude behavior of some guests at Disney Resort, one of those behaviors is putting kids on your head while viewing a parade or World of Color. This type of rude person seems to think their kids are great windows. Well NEWSFLASH they are not, you can't see through those kids placed on the shoulders of their parents.

    However during our 2015 Disney visit I found one of those rude times became an awesome photo op. It was not even intentional that I took the shot. I was shooting the show and did not notice the neat looking photo until later while viewing my shots.

     So not to repeat myself I will provide the link to my blog...the picture in this blog is the one I wrote about.

 Disney Rudeness makes for Interesting Shot

Monday, January 16, 2017

Farewell Tower of Terror, We Will Miss You!

      I remember the first time my family and I saw Tower of Terror. It was in the process of being completed in 2003. It was this beautiful building that loomed over the parks. We had never heard of the movie but after learning that there was an attraction in Disney's California Adventure Park based on the movie or was the movie based on the attraction at Disney World? I am not sure, I just know that we decided to watch the movie.

     The movie Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is great! It is one of my all time favorite movies and I think that is part of the reason I love the attraction so much. Granted the drops are a blast but the theme is what makes  more than just a ride, it is what makes it special.

     I must admit when we returned in 2004 and the attraction had opened we were chickens and would not try riding it. We watched from below thinking those on the elevator were crazy.  But the following year we mustered up our courage and decided to ride. It took a lot of nerve for us to get into that elevator but once on we found that we absolutely loved the theme. The way we were taken into the movie that we loved.

     For several years just getting on the Tower was difficult for us. We had to really talk ourselves into riding but the theme would entice us to ride again and then as we dropped we remembered how much we loved the ride which made us wonder why we were ever scared to begin with. However the next day we would feel that same sense of fear and still feel it every time we rode. I thought maybe that was part of the attraction.

     However a few years ago the fear of getting on Tower of Terror ended. We entered a place where we never felt afraid, we were just excited for the thrill of the experience. We still loved the theme, the part of the attraction where the guests are told "This time that door is opening for you." right before the first drop. We also simply love the drops!

     I am not sure we would have loved the attraction as much if it had not been for the story line theme of the Tower. That is what drew us in and helped us overcome our fears. We learned to love the Tower.

     The Tower is gone now, the tower we know and love. I hear that the drops will remain but the theme is changing. Some are excited, some are sad and some are mad. I am among the sad and the mad. I do not like the new theme, Guardians of the Galaxy does not entertain me at all. It is like changing the theme of the Haunted Mansion to Walking Dead in my eyes. The drops will remain but the experience will not be the same. We will still love the thrill but thrills are not all we seek at DCA. We go for the themes. That is what it is all about for us.

    So farewell Tower of Terror, your theme will be greatly missed!