Sunday, July 2, 2017

Oh Disney, Don't Give in to the Whiners. Leave Pirates of the Caribbean Alone!

     The other day I read that Disney is removing the scene where the pirates are selling the wench in Pirates of the Caribbean. The story stated that  some people were offended by that scene. Come on Disney give me a break! Stop giving in to the politically correct morons in the world. People who are offended by things like that are offended by everything.

     Next they will say it is offensive for the pirates to sing "Pirates Life for Me" because they are singing about being villains, kidnapping and looting. Then they will need to get rid of the jail scene because well, we don't want to see people in jail. They can't dunk Carlos anymore because it is cruel and they will need to throw cupcakes at each other instead of shooting at each other in the battle scene. Because you know, pirates are such sweet and lovable fellows...

     Lets not stop at Pirates, what about Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh...bears steal not talk about that...lets get real people, pirates are villains, they sell wenches, drink rum and chase women...Disney don't give in to the easily offended or you will totally destroy all that Walt created! To those so easily offended...just don't go to the parks...Problem solved.


  1. I heard about that just today actually.

    Seems funny to me that people are only being offended about this NOW. I mean, how old is that ride?

    It must be nice to get everything removed that offends you.

    1. I am behind on my posts but they did it, they removed her...the whiners won.