Saturday, December 30, 2017

Disney Resort Anaheim Flowers, Foliage and Feathered Friends

     I love taking pictures of flowers so when I go to Disneyland I focus on the abundance of flowers and foliage available. So many great photo ops. I also love the little ducks that live in the parks and try to capture them from time to time.

     The video I created is of those things I focused on over the years while visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

     The last shots are of a duck family everyone stopped to watch walk by. Many of us made comments on how we were all at Disneyland and were so focused on this little family of feathered friends.

     Enjoy the video creation of my shots. I hope you enjoy the music too. My son wrote it and plays it with his band. Granted some of it is a bit "wild" for the shots but it is fun.

    Flowers, Foliage and Feathered Friends Video

    I am also adding a tribute I created last summer of the last summer of Main Street Electrical Parade.

     Electrical Parade

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