Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wondering What Walt Would Think:Yet another Hotel Elite Only Can Afford

    I was saddened to hear that Disneyland is adding yet another five star hotel only the elite can afford.  Well I guess others can too but it will require a small fortune that many families do not have.

     I am also sad that some of the places we love to visit will be leaving the Downtown Disney area for this new hotel. Rainforest Cafe, AMC theater are the two we love. So now there will be no reason for us to venture down that far. It is not just the fact that they are removing places that we love, it is that they are adding a new place most families cannot afford to visit. It is the fact that Disneyland is becoming a place for only the elite.

     Tickets have become so expensive that many families are unable to visit unless they take out  a loan or max out credit cards.   Disneyland Resort is slowly becoming a place where many families are no longer able to visit together. It requires a small fortune for a family of five to visit the parks. That is sad because many of  those people are the ones who feel the magic, feel the love that Walt had for his dream.

      When Walt created Disneyland it was meant to be a place "where children and parents could have fun together." He did not want businesses around the park gouging customers. Now Disney is creating places that do just that. Granted it would be nice to stay in one of those five star hotels but realistically most families cannot afford it. One elite hotel was enough.

     Disney has the right to do what they want, they will do what they want regardless of who gets upset and who can no longer afford to visit. They will still have the elite, those who can afford the small fortune but I wonder what Walt would think of the fact that most families can no longer come to his magical place and have fun together without maxing out their credit cards. I wonder if that is truly what Walt had in mind or if somehow along the way his dream has gotten lost.

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