Monday, August 21, 2017

Oddities of Disneyland Resort Guests

     Every year when we go to Disneyland we run into some extremely nice people. This year we did too but I must tell about the odd people or rather angry people we encountered. First of all there was the seat stealing mama.
     We decided to get a cone at Cozy Cone. My mom, my aunt and I were waiting in line. It was very hot and the line was not moving. A table opened up so my aunt went over to sit at it while we waited in line. As we were about to place our order a woman went to our table with two of her kids and told her son to sit down. He told her that it was taken and she said "we can share" My aunt did tell her that she was waiting for someone to sit down but the lady told her son to sit and she sat herself. My mom came up with her cone while I waited for mine and told the lady nicely that there was one more person coming to sit. (there are seats at the tables), The woman said "well my son is hot and we can share." My mom told her that actually we had one more person so we could not share...the woman said "you can't just send one person to save a table." My mom told her that you can do that and we had been waiting a long
time for ice cream.
     My mom had to go get the rest of her part of the order and when she went back the woman was still there so my mom told her that she needed to leave.  She was mad and said that my mom was just so rude. Then she went to her husband who was in line behind me and told him "that lady was so rude, she sent one person to sit and save a table." He told her that we had been waiting a long time and shut her down right away.  Talk about the nerve of people. First of all yes you can save tables, or you hover to get is not like a ride, you can do that....and if the woman had been nice about it we would have let her son stay. However really who wants to sit with a bunch of strangers....some people!
     Then later we ran into a whining man. We rode Guardians and there was a couple who rode it for the first time. The man was excited and when we got off the ride we asked how he liked it. He said that he loved it. When he went to see the picture my aunt asked how he liked it and he said "I would have loved it but her arm was in my way." He pointed to my mom and we were confused what he meant until we saw the picture. My moms hand was over his face. Hmm like that never happens! It is an attraction, people get on to enjoy, we've had hands on our faces many is a part of the attraction. And what a whiny man to be so concerned about his picture.
     We had a laugh at both people the rest of our trip. Oh the oddities of Disney guests.

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  1. How funny that they complained of such a thing. Well at least you did not let it get in the way of your fun.