Monday, July 16, 2018

Cafe Orleans: Gumbo, Pomme Fries and Monte Cristo

     This year we once again ate our delicious gumbo at Cafe Orleans We had made a reservation to eat the gumbo at Blue Bayou because we did not see it on the menu of Cafe Orleans anymore but found out that they no longer sell it in a bowl but do have a cup an appetizer, it is the "soup of the day". So we cancelled out Bayou reservation because, well the sandwich is $8.00 cheaper at Cafe Orleans. Plus we love the fries.

     The gumbo is one of my favorite foods. We did pay $7.00 for a cup which was a bit high. I thought that it would not be filling however we found that it was plenty of gumbo.

     There were three of us so we shared a Monte Cristo and fries. We ended up leaving the fries because the soup was so filling.

 So if you want some delicious gumbo and a Monte Cristo sandwich, just hop on over to Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square Disneyland! It is a fabulous meal!!

+Cafe Orleans 
+Monte Cristo Sandwich


  1. I love New Orleans style food. This post made me hungry

    1. Me too, I wish I could have the gumbo every day! I also love jambalaya but it is too hot lol.