Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Winter Disney Vacation

    We have taken an annual trip to Disney Resort in Anaheim since  the summer of 2004. When we started going it was my mom, my two sons and myself on the trip. As time went on the vacation included my grandma until she passed away in 2006, my aunts and sometimes cousin and his family.

    Once my kids reached adulthood they were no longer able to go. My oldest had not been in 4 years and the youngest 2 years. My mom, aunts and I still make the trip every summer.

     This past winter however we decided it was time to take a winter trip to Disneyland. Both of my kids were able to come along with my grandson and his mom. It was nice having both of my kids there again and also having my grandson and his mom. It was special sharing the winter beauty of Disney Resort.

     Disneyland and Disney's California Adventures are much different in the winter months. We went Jan 3-6 so thought we would miss the Christmas and New Year busy season but yet be able to see the holiday decorations. We were wrong about missing the busy season. It was busier then than it is during the summer months.

     The busy parks did not stop us from having a fantastic time. The decorations were beautiful, from the huge Christmas trees to Nightmare Before Christmas and the artificial snow after the fireworks.

    We love Nightmare Before Christmas so that was one of our favorite scenes! My little grandson was amazed.

     My grandson who is 5 years old was not excited about the drops on Pirates of the Caribbean and scared on Soarin but I think Radiator Springs Racers might have upset him most of all. His mom and dad told him that it did not have drops however once the race began he was mad at them. He said "you told me there were no drops!" So he was not fond of the race portion of that attraction. He loved Dumbo though so go figure.

     Our winter trip to Disney Resort was amazing. It brought back special memories of going to the parks when my own kids were young adding new family members to our special time!

     It is busier that time of year than the summer months. It was worth the crowds and busy season.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Carousel Inn and Suites: Still Standing

     Last year we had to find a new place to stay in Anaheim because our beloved Carousel Inn closed down. It was supposed to be demolished but it still stands.

     We did not look at the building last year because it was so sad to think of this place we had called home in California for the past 13 years was boarded up and abandoned.

     During out January trip to California however we drove by The Carousel and I looked. It was sad seeing such a beautiful building boarded up and vacated. It is also sad that every night the lights are on like she is waiting for someone to visit her lonely rooms.

     I wonder why The Carousel Inn is still standing. I hoped that it might mean they decided to open her up again to those who miss visiting but, that is highly doubtful.

     I am not sure what is harder though, seeing the building there all sad and lonely or the thought of looking over and it is no longer there.
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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Wizard Acrobats Tomorrowland Disneyland

     In July of 2003 my mom and I took my sons to Disneyland for the first time. They loved it and so did we. It was the first time we spent more than two days in a row at the park. There was also a new park, Disney's California Adventure Park. But this is not about that park.

     We love pizza so decided to eat at Pizza Port in Disneyland. While there some entertainment because to take place. We decided to see what was going on and discovered the Wizard Acrobats. Talk about an amazing show. They could dance, entertain and were excellent acrobats! Not bad to look at either!

     We were able to see them twice and actually meet some of them one of the visits. We visited for  while with Jemma and found him to be a sweet man.

     I wish I had my video camera with me back then but I did not however I was able to take some still shots which I used to create a fun video. Some of the sots are a bit grainy but that is due to the scans. This was before digital photography.

     Wizard Acrobats Photo Video

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Disney Resort Anaheim Flowers, Foliage and Feathered Friends

     I love taking pictures of flowers so when I go to Disneyland I focus on the abundance of flowers and foliage available. So many great photo ops. I also love the little ducks that live in the parks and try to capture them from time to time.

     The video I created is of those things I focused on over the years while visiting Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

     The last shots are of a duck family everyone stopped to watch walk by. Many of us made comments on how we were all at Disneyland and were so focused on this little family of feathered friends.

     Enjoy the video creation of my shots. I hope you enjoy the music too. My son wrote it and plays it with his band. Granted some of it is a bit "wild" for the shots but it is fun.

    Flowers, Foliage and Feathered Friends Video

    I am also adding a tribute I created last summer of the last summer of Main Street Electrical Parade.

     Electrical Parade

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wondering What Walt Would Think:Yet another Hotel Elite Only Can Afford

    I was saddened to hear that Disneyland is adding yet another five star hotel only the elite can afford.  Well I guess others can too but it will require a small fortune that many families do not have.

     I am also sad that some of the places we love to visit will be leaving the Downtown Disney area for this new hotel. Rainforest Cafe, AMC theater are the two we love. So now there will be no reason for us to venture down that far. It is not just the fact that they are removing places that we love, it is that they are adding a new place most families cannot afford to visit. It is the fact that Disneyland is becoming a place for only the elite.

     Tickets have become so expensive that many families are unable to visit unless they take out  a loan or max out credit cards.   Disneyland Resort is slowly becoming a place where many families are no longer able to visit together. It requires a small fortune for a family of five to visit the parks. That is sad because many of  those people are the ones who feel the magic, feel the love that Walt had for his dream.

      When Walt created Disneyland it was meant to be a place "where children and parents could have fun together." He did not want businesses around the park gouging customers. Now Disney is creating places that do just that. Granted it would be nice to stay in one of those five star hotels but realistically most families cannot afford it. One elite hotel was enough.

     Disney has the right to do what they want, they will do what they want regardless of who gets upset and who can no longer afford to visit. They will still have the elite, those who can afford the small fortune but I wonder what Walt would think of the fact that most families can no longer come to his magical place and have fun together without maxing out their credit cards. I wonder if that is truly what Walt had in mind or if somehow along the way his dream has gotten lost.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy is Intense and Even Better than Tower

      I was one of the many people who were extremely upset when Disney decided to get rid of Tower of Terror ttheme at California Adventure Park. I was sad and I was livid. I mean come on, Guardians o the Galaxy...yuck! I had never watched the entire movie because I found it boring so assumed theming the ride Guardians would ruin it.

     Before heading to California I assumed my friend who lives there what he thought about it. He told me I would love it even if I had never watched or likes the movie. He said it was more intense and extremely fun. I really had my doubts but decided it was time to have an open mind.

     As our vacation time drew closer I found myself excited to ride Guardians. I was still sad over the loss of the fun Tower theme but my friend kept say8ing how much I would love it...

     We arrived in Anaheim, checked into our room and I was informed by Steve, my friend, that we were not allowed to ride Guardians without him and could not even look at it. We couldn't help but look  however waited until we met up with him to ride.
     It was an hour wait which isn't bad for a new attraction. It also did not seem that long since we hadn't seen Steve in a year so had lots of catching up to do. He gave us little tidbits of information about the ride while we waited. He didn't tell us much but did say it is so much more intense. I asked how many time he had been on it and he said two was all his stomach could handle. That had us concerned but we were still excited.

     We were finally there, in the entrance room. It is so fun! Then we left and headed to our "doom" we got on and all I can say is WOW! It was amazing! The attraction is much more intense than Tower. It is longer and well as much as I loved Tower I must say it is more fun. The theme is cute and fits the attraction.

     That is all I am going to tell. I do not want to ruin it for the first time traveler. I was one of the biggest whiners and I am sold! Be sure to give it a chance, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Oddities of Disneyland Resort Guests

     Every year when we go to Disneyland we run into some extremely nice people. This year we did too but I must tell about the odd people or rather angry people we encountered. First of all there was the seat stealing mama.
     We decided to get a cone at Cozy Cone. My mom, my aunt and I were waiting in line. It was very hot and the line was not moving. A table opened up so my aunt went over to sit at it while we waited in line. As we were about to place our order a woman went to our table with two of her kids and told her son to sit down. He told her that it was taken and she said "we can share" My aunt did tell her that she was waiting for someone to sit down but the lady told her son to sit and she sat herself. My mom came up with her cone while I waited for mine and told the lady nicely that there was one more person coming to sit. (there are seats at the tables), The woman said "well my son is hot and we can share." My mom told her that actually we had one more person so we could not share...the woman said "you can't just send one person to save a table." My mom told her that you can do that and we had been waiting a long
time for ice cream.
     My mom had to go get the rest of her part of the order and when she went back the woman was still there so my mom told her that she needed to leave.  She was mad and said that my mom was just so rude. Then she went to her husband who was in line behind me and told him "that lady was so rude, she sent one person to sit and save a table." He told her that we had been waiting a long time and shut her down right away.  Talk about the nerve of people. First of all yes you can save tables, or you hover to get one...it is not like a ride, you can do that....and if the woman had been nice about it we would have let her son stay. However really who wants to sit with a bunch of strangers....some people!
     Then later we ran into a whining man. We rode Guardians and there was a couple who rode it for the first time. The man was excited and when we got off the ride we asked how he liked it. He said that he loved it. When he went to see the picture my aunt asked how he liked it and he said "I would have loved it but her arm was in my way." He pointed to my mom and we were confused what he meant until we saw the picture. My moms hand was over his face. Hmm like that never happens! It is an attraction, people get on to enjoy, we've had hands on our faces many times..it is a part of the attraction. And what a whiny man to be so concerned about his picture.
     We had a laugh at both people the rest of our trip. Oh the oddities of Disney guests.