Wednesday, July 24, 2019

No Smoking at Disney Resort, How about No Drinking too


     This year Disney Resort decided that they would become completely  non-smoking. I thought they would at least  have an area in the center for smoker so that they didn't have to go through baggage check again. But nope, the smoking area the street, Smokers have to completely exit the park and then go through baggage check an all just to get back in.  They will do this but yet allow alcohol, I do not understand.

     I am not a smoker but know people who are. Until they went to the smoking areas in the parks though I had no clue where they were, the smoke never seemed to enter the park area. Once I knew where the areas were I still did not smell the smoke when walking by the smoking area nor did anyone else I know so I do not understand the problem. I think it is in poor judgement on the part of Disney.

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     Many people complained that smoke offended them but what about those of us who are offended by alcohol, why do they still allow that? I do not like drunk people, I don't like standing in line smelling a disgusting drunk. So why should I have to, why do they allow that in the parks? Why didn't they ban alcohol too? I think they should. I mean look at the recent brawl in Toon Town, I would guess those people were drunk. If they were not, I have seen other people drunk in the park. Parents who are yelling at their kids in a drunken manner, or couples making out and many people stinking in line. It is offensive to me and should not be allowed in a family park.

    Another issue is the danger people are placed in by those getting drunk at Disney Resort. First of all they can make unsafe choices on rides putting other guests in danger or they leave the parks and drive drunk. I think that is more dangerous than cigarette smoke in a designated area.

 I see posts that Disneyland is losing money money and I wonder if part of it is due to the new smoking ban in the park. Just something I think about....I still go to the resort but I do wish they would ban alcohol because I do find it offensive..

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