Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tribute to T

     Two years ago we discovered The Mad T Party Band in Disney's California Adventure Park. We absolutely fell in love with the band. Last year we made it a point to watch their shows almost every night, every set. We loved discovering who each performer is and "getting to know" them. They became a part of our Disney family so we were looking forward to seeing them again this year. Well, that was not meant to be, Disney decided to send them down the Rabbit Hole for the last time on March 30, 2016 causing much sadness for many T Party lovers.

     As I thought of my sadness as the show drew near and end, I realized that my sadness is nothing compared to those who are a part of the T Party. I was in theater in high school and remember how heartbreaking it was when each play ended. I watched my son and his friends recently as they were so sad as their play ended. You feel this sense of loss and emptiness for something that has been a consuming part of your life for months. In high school theater you spend more time with your fellow performers and crew members than your own family. They become your theater family so when it is over, you are sad. It is of course necessary to move on but you feel this sorrow in your heart and know you will miss spending all of that time with those wonderful people.

     Imagine spending the last 4 years performing with what becomes your family in Wonderland. I thought about that and how sad those who were a part of such an amazing show for that many years must feel. They are all extremely talented and will move on to greatness but for a while they will feel that sense of loss and sadness for what was.

     I have created the video Tribute to T in tribute and dedication to all involved in the Mad T Party. They brought so much happiness to many people and I wanted to do something to share back with them what they shared with me, joy, happiness and fun!  The video includes most of the pictures I took while watching the band and some of the songs I recorded. It is long but for those who love T it will not be long enough.

     Thanks for the memories and Break a Leg in all you do!

This blog and video are dedicated to all who made the T experience magical!


  1. Great tribute and an excellent video!

  2. Thanks Bill, I will miss them a lot!

  3. A wonderful tribute to Mad T Party Band sounds like you had Fun.