Monday, February 15, 2016

Save Our Mad T Party: Let Disney Know We Do Not Want them Taking Away Our T

      Tonight I heard something that made me upset and well, rather angry. I read that Disney Resort in Anaheim is getting rid of The Mad T Party Band.  They are saying the last show is March 30, 2016. 

     The T Party is such a wonderful band and well, a new tradition for many Disney fans. I for one am not ready for it to leave. Yes there are attractions that run their course but this is not one of them. 

     Disney took it away in 2014 only to bring it back and then they took it from us during the week for the winter only having shows on the weekends. Now they are taking it away again for good. Well fans we cannot let this happen!  We do have a voice and hopefully Disney will listen and we WILL be heard. 

     I do not know if there is a petition to keep the T Party Band, if there is I would love to know where it is so I can sign. I do know that we can send our concerns and complaints to Disney Resort. I called tonight and a cast member told me how it is done. She also said that the more voices speak out, the better.

    So fans, if you want to keep your T speak up, let Disney know that you love your T and do not want it to leave.

     Here is how to let your voice be heard: go to

  •     click on help
  •      contact us
  •      e-mail
  •      fill out the form and voice your concern.    
     I hope if you really love the Mad T Party you make sure you are heard! I know I will!!!!!!!


  1. Big corporations operate on the ''is it profitable?'' principle but sometimes they do listen to the public and give us what we actually want and not what they think we want. We can only try.

  2. Oh dear, this is sad, but maybe it's making way for something even more interesting and fun.....just guessing.

    1. They band has not been there that long. I hope they listen to fans.