Friday, March 13, 2015

July 13, 2014 Sunday

We try to get up and be at the parks by 8:00 AM each day but just do not make it that early. There are several of us getting ready and well, it just rarely happens.

We did make it to Disneyland at 9:15 AM today. That is not when we left our room but when we entered the gates of the park. It is about a 10 minute walk from the main entrance to the park entrance including the check point.

This was another amazing day at Disneyland! We were able to get on most rides with only a 5 minute wait such as Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh with only a 20 minute wait for Splash Mountain. That was supposed to be 30 minutes but was much less. All of this before we ate lunch at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. We rode the Disney Railroad to New Orleans Square after a trip around the park and then went to Adventureland and rode Indiana Jones using our Fast Passes. The train had no wait which was great.

We met a friend back at the room and did some shopping at a special place he takes us to shop and were back at the room to unload our treasures.Then on our way back to the parks we ate at our favorite restaurant, The Pizza Press which is a part of our Hotel, The Carousel Inn and Suites. It is such amazing food and very affordable!

We were back at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA) at 6:15 PM where we got on Soarin over California with only a 10 minute wait, rode Monsters Incorporated and discovered the Mad T Party Band.

What a treasured and accidental discovery that was. We had gone into the restrooms near the entrance to the Mad T Party. While we were waiting some of the music near the restroom side was starting up. It wasn't something we liked but we had to wait for my son to use the restroom. While we were waiting we heard them announce the Mad T Party Band and decided to give them a listen. We were so very glad that we did. The Mad T Party Band is amazing. The singers have great voices, the musicians are extremely talented and they all put on a very entertaining show. we made the Mad T Party a part of our experiences from then on.

After we watched one of the band sets we headed over to Radiator Springs Racers where the single rider wait was only 30 minutes. We rode Racers and headed back to the room around the time the park was closing at 10 PM.

Day two in the parks was of course another fun and wonderful day. We were able to do just about all we wanted to do and had a magical day.

Please enjoy this Mad T Party Band video that I recorded of the band singing one of my all time favorite songs from my teen years, Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

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