Saturday, February 28, 2015

First Disney Day 2014

This blog is the most fun one that I write because it is about the place I love most of all....Disneyland or rather Disney Resort. When I say Disneyland I mean the resort in Anaheim. It is just easier to say Disneyland.

We started our day at Disney's California Adventure Park (DCA). We arrived at 9:35 AM which is early for us.  Our first ride was Soarin Over California where we only had a 20 minute wait. That is not bad at all for Soarin.

We headed over to Tower of Terror where we pretty much walked right on. Tower is one of our favorite rides,well all of them are our favorites.

We headed to Monsters Inc and again had no wait so we just walked right on. Rode Heimlich and then headed over to Cars Land.  Radiator Springs Racers was only a 10 minute wait in the single rider line.  We were also able to get a fast pass for Racers when we walked by the distribution area. It was the first time ever that we've actually been by there and fast passes were left for the day. So for the first time we were all able to ride Racin together. It was fun but in all honesty it is just as fun riding single rider. Sometimes we get in with at least one of our party and even if we don't, we get to race against each other.

We rode some more rides in DCA, ate at Flo's V8 and then headed to Toy Story Mania, Ariel and then an ice cream at Ghirdelli's which was a daily tradition for us this year.  We watched Turtle Talk, Muppet Vision, Tough to Be a Bug,  two of us rode California Scremin and then to Tower of Terror agian since it was only a 13 minute wait which is the standard wait time, we waited 10 minutes.  Used our Racer Fast pass, rode Luigi's Tires and then Soarin where the wait was only 15 minutes. All of these things in one day!

At 8:30 PM we headed to Disneyland where we ate at Stage Door Cafe, watched the fireworks and then rode Its a Small World with no wait. The rest of the park was crowded to we headed back to the room at 10:30. We wanted a good nights rest so we could get an early start at Disneyland the next day.

Our first day was a complete blast. The wait times were not bad at all for any attractions. We were able to do all that we wanted to and more at DCA and got to visit Disneyland for a bit that day.

We chilled in the room, talked about our day and were actually all sleeping fairly early. Midnight for us is early.

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