Monday, December 17, 2012

Disneyland Resort Adventures

As I am getting used to blogging I am finding it a lot of fun. I decided to create a blog about my favorite place to be, Disney Resort in Anaheim, California. I think it is important to provide a little background about my experience at this wonderful place.

I went to Disneyland a lot when I was a child and teenager. Back before it became a resort. I had gone with my family several times. This was back when there was The People Mover, Paddle Boats and Adventures Through Innerspace. You did not pay an admission price, you bought tickets for the rides. Back then you could enjoy the atmosphere without paying to ride the attractions.  The last time I went as a kid was when I was 14, in 1977. The new ride was Space Mountain. My best friend went with us to Disneyland and we loved it! I was  not able to go again until 1988, there were several changes. For one there were no longer tickets. You had to pay admission to get in. It was the first time we went for two days in a row too. That was very exciting.  When we were there this visit Star Tours had taken place of Adventures to InnerSpace and Splash Mountain was being constructed. Captain EO starring Michael Jackson was also a huge hit.

I was not able to go to Disneyland again until July of 2003, WOW were there a lot of changes. Disneyland was now Disney Resort with another theme park and shopping district. Months before we went I got a free video that told all about the resort. My mom and I were excited because we knew how fun it was at Disneyland. The boys were excited for the new adventure but not really prepared for what was to come. The Disney video was one of our most watched shows for months before we left.

That wonderful day in July arrived and we were on our way to Disneyland. We left Cortez and spent the night in Kingman, Arizona. The next day we headed to Anaheim were we stayed at The Fairfield Resort, just down the street from the main gate. We unpacked our luggage and headed to the parks. My boys were so excited. Their first ride ever was The Matterhorn. They loved it. That night we were able to ride Pirates of the Caribbean twice and Haunted Mansion. We walked around and took it all in. It was a short night but quite the initiation to this new adventure.

There were several changes other than the new park, Disney's California Adventure Park, and the shopping distirict Downtown Disney District. Sadly the Country Bear Jamboree was no longer in the park. Now in Critter Country is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Splash Mountain is now open, the People Mover is gone along with the Sky Ride.  I do not remember when the last time is that I rode America The Beautiful but it was gone too. Thee is also Indiana Jones which was not there in 1988. We also had a four day hopper pass which would get us into both parks for four days. Downtown Disney is free.

I will stop there with my adventures. Please ask me any questions and make comments, share your magical experiences. That is why I am creating this blog, for people to share their Disney adventures.  I will share more soon and look forward to hearing your stories.

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  1. I am hoping that someone posts here so we can have a conversation...I will add more about my adventures once the holidays are over.