Friday, December 23, 2016

Disney's California Adventures of Old

     The other day while driving to work I put in my Beech Boys CD and was taken back to the days when California Adventures was well, California Adventures. Before it became California Adventure Park and before all of the changes. Some of the changes are amazing and my family and I love them but some things we miss terribly. This post is about the picture video I have created of my old DCA memories.
     One thing that my family and I  miss very much is the California music, the Beech Boy's, Jan and Dean, and Mamas and Papa's music. They made you feel like you were well, on the beach! Kicking it, surfin USA! We loved to sit by Brr Bank Ice Cream and watch the Beech Boys cover band play. Now the music is from the 20's and well, not our thing. We usually just walk through so we don't have to hear it.
     Another thing we miss terribly is the Titanium Sun. It was beautiful and we loved to watch the water show there. At night the Electrical Parade brought us so much pleasure and always made us dance.
     The Pier changed a lot too, the Sun Wheel changed its face which was ok. But SS Rustworthy was so much fun for my boys. They also loved the Maliboomer.
     Flick's Fun Fair was nice but we do love Cars Land so no complaints there. We miss Muppet Vision 3D and wish it would come back, The theme at Taste Pilot Grill was better before but the food is still great.
     Condor Flats has changed and so has Soarin. We do love Soarin Around the World, it is amazing, but we miss Soarin Over California which was dear to our hearts. The old Condor Flats area was much more fun for us before, the new area is well, just ok.
     We were sad to see Golden Dreams leave but do love Little Mermaid.
     As we entered the park we loved to take pictures by the letters. We also loved the replica of the San Francisco Bridge. It is sad those are no longer there.
     The final change that breaks our hearts is Tower of Terror. The new theme sounds lame but well, we will give it a chance.
     I have created a picture video of shots I have taken over the years, shots from 2003-2012 of California Adventure's of old. As I created it I felt sad at the changes. I added the music from old to the video as well and found myself feeling happy as I listened and could not stop myself from getting up to dance when the Electrical Parade came on.
     I hope those who watch enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.
     Some of the pictures are from my 35mm so the quality is not as good as the newer digital shots but
the memories are just as special.
Follow this link to see my show

Disney California Adventures Video 

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  1. Always sad to lose things we really enjoy ... wonderful you have the digital memories!

    1. I wish I had taken more shots of the park. I do have some video but it is on my camcorder that did not use an SD card...

  2. We all have memories of better times, youthful times, times we thought would never end. Your post brought me back a bit. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. You are welcome. I remember Disneyland back when the People Mover was was fun.

  3. I think the first time I went I was 4 and I do have a picture of that. It was always fun I have been to Florida too. With technology comes changes to everything but I find it still fun and exciting.

    1. I love the old themes. I don't care much for the new theme of DCA, I love Cars Land though...